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Quilting and Sewing Projects

For the lover of fabric, needle and thread

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Cleaning, Minimalism, Decorating

Helping you make your home lovely, clean, and orderly.

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Frugal Living Ideas

Tutorials and Tips for Frugal DIYers

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Drawing and Sculpting

Visit a Gallery of My Drawings, Sculptures and Students' Art Class Projects

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Discover Our Memories

We've had a lot of fun sharing our adventures at our place in the country. Whether it's cooking, sewing, beekeeping, or doing fun craft projects with the grandkids, I'm always learning something new!

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Photos of daily projects and adventures! You never know what I'll be up to!

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Welcome to my blog where I post tutorials, family adventures, art projects, cleaning and organizing ideas, plus any other bright ideas that pop in my head. Hope you enjoy them!

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“There's nothing half so pleasant as coming home again.” ~ Margaret Sangster

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