Need a Home Remedy for Mange? This One Really Works! (Bonus: Cute Pet Video)

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Need a Home Remedy for Mange? This One Really Works! (Bonus: Cute Pet Video)

Poor Percy! He plays with the neighbor dogs who are pretty wild and don't live in the most sanitary conditions. We can't keep him from going over there. Last summer, he got mange (mites) from them. And now he's coming down with it again this summer. We all cuddle and kiss him all the time and he sleeps off and on with everyone. So we have to nip this in the bud and quick!

We just can't afford to take him to the vet unless absolutely necessary. The good news is that I did ONE --only ONE-- bath with this recipe for curing mange last summer and it worked like a charm. 

We noticed the signs early on this time and I had wanted Rebekah to look up the recipe online before we left but she forgot. So tonight, I looked it up..and Percy is getting a good dose this evening whether he wants it or not.

Here is the recipe from the Thrifty Fun Website.

Hydrogen Peroxide and Borax:

  • Combine 1 part hydrogen peroxide (3%) to 2 parts water so the peroxide is 1%. 

  • Add Borax powder and stir it in. 

  • Keep adding Borax until solution is saturated (i.e. powder won't dissolve anymore, a little is settled on the bottom). 

  • Soak dog in solution thoroughly-- don't rinse or wipe off. 

  • Be sure the water you pour is warm. You don't want your puppy getting chilled.  If you don't dilute the peroxide, your pet may react and throw up. That's why you add all the water.

I bathed Percy only once with this and he was cured the first time. You have to be sure to get every part of your dog. I missed his tail and two days later he had a bad spot where he had been chewing.

  • Refrain from wiping the dog dry. Simply allow the treatment to take effect. 
  • Do not exceed a treatment period of two months. 
After a couple of dips, I'm sure he will be just fine...and then he can go back to his job of 'baby inspector'. 

Watch this cute video from back in May. No mange don't worry. He seemed very anxious to take good care of Nicholai, my youngest grandson.  I'm so glad there are frugal ways to take good care of our pets. Do you have any good frugal fixes for pet illnesses to recommend?

Happy Homemaking!

“What is the price of five sparrows—two copper coins? Yet God does not forget a single one of them.  And the very hairs on your head are all numbered. So don’t be afraid; you are more valuable to God than a whole flock of sparrows.  Luke 12:6-7


Trudy said...

Thanks for the recipe. That is awesome.

Cute video. I love the part where your other grandchild says, "Take a picture of me."


Hills N Valleys said...

Have I said it before? your dog looks like OUR DOG! The resemblance is funny! Not sure I have posted a pic of our in my blog. Our dog is just a bit overall bigger and has more of a boxer look to him. too cute!

I remember when I used borax on the carpets years ago from an infestation of fleas.

Anonymous said...

Did you bath you dog with something first before pouring the
Mixture on him? Or did you just pour the mixture on till it soaked in?

Donna said...

I just pour it on him and soak him. :)

Dave Osborn said...

How long do you wait before rinsing off?

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing - going to try this on the dog and the cat :D

Anonymous said...

Donna, I am going to try this on our dog. She has gotten mange for three springs now. We have a healthy environment for her. I make sure her bedding is changed regularly, we changed her food last year to a better quality. However, now it is starting again. She was a stray, pit mix. I think she just has a low immunity to fight it off. I've tried so many home remedies, I am very hopeful this will work.

Also, I love the scripture verse, its one of my favorites.

Donna said...

I don't rinse him off. I just leave the whole mixture on him. It's never affected him negatively.

Anonymous said...

How much to you use ?

Anonymous said...

what do you mean as in parts ?
measurements as in cups are more helpful for me. im super ditzy lol

Hasslecrack said...

How often can you repeat? As many times in two months? Or once every two months?

“There's nothing half so pleasant as coming home again.” ~ Margaret Sangster

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