My Son's Graduation Cake

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My Son's Graduation Cake

I finally finished Elisabeth, Andrew's friend,  and  my son, Andrew's graduation cake for their party on Saturday. I can't believe I have another 'baby' finished with homeschooling!!!

I taught Elisabeth how to ice and decorate a cake with the Wilton method and she picked it up really fast. She did the stars and the squiggles on the top cake (her idea) and the side and back border.  I made the squiggles with a cake comb. This is the first time in years that I have used this tool. This is a two layer 11 x 15 cake with a two layer 9 x 13 cake on top. It's the first time I ever used dowels rods and a second cake board.

Rebekah made the graduation cap and braided gold embroidery thread to put on cap. I baked a base for the grad cap of chocolate cake in a large custard cup. We had a really fun time deciding how to put this together.


Amy said...

Awesome job ladies!!! Thanks for sharing this!

Congratulations 'Graduates'!!!!!

Woohooo....commence 'happy dance'!

shannon r. said...

Wonderful work! now you have to protect it until Saturday!!

Greg's Wife said...

This is just super! Rebakah and Donna- You did such a great job on the decorating! Nice, clean piping is not easy to master. I only wish I could taste it... Andrew, congratulations on your gaduation. I can't wait to see how the Lord uses you from here. This is an exciting time in your life! Donna, way to go on getting another one through. I'm sure it's a bit sad to see it go by so quickly, but how rewarding to have taken your children all the way through school. You should get a cake of your own!

Shona Cole said...

Way to go Donna, a wonderful milestone. This cake is awesome, great idea to include Elizabeth in the project.

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