Andrew and Elisabeth are married!

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Andrew and Elisabeth are married!

Since writing this, I have gotten some pictures developed. Shannon sent me the wedding pictures on the later posts. This picture of Rebekah, Elisabeth, Me, and Elisabeth's best friend Rachel was taken by a friend at a Bridal Luncheon that my friends Terri, and Tammy (and I ) put together for Ebeth. Rachel was a maid of honor at the wedding. We got to be really good friends when we all went shopping for bridesmaids dresses, along with Terah . (Rebekah was at a debate meeting.) We also had a fun evening making wedding candy favors , bags and white chocolate roses on lollipop sticks. Elisabeth played a German musical and translated it for me while we worked. It was beautiful. Peggy Woody helped put the roses together...Rebekah and I and Ebeth, and Kim Spendlove made more later and even poor Christian and Jacob got roped into working roses! Our friends, Peggy, Ruth, Sarah, Molly,Valerie, Stephanie, Lisa, Becca, and Kim all made bunches of candies in molds to give as favors. Carrie Ray gave me the idea and it really helped us do favors much less expensively and they were so pretty too!

Elisabeth's Dad and brother, Johannes came to visit and attend the wedding. We had a great Texas cookout with a bunch of steaks we grilled. Johannes really really likes steaks so he took lots of pictures of them and of me grilling them. But I don't have them yet. Here he and Klaus , Elisabeth's father, are waiting and visiting with Elisabeth and our family while the steaks were grilling. I think Andrew was taking pictures. Klaus liked my chickens, whom I called to come meet him. They waddled up to us as fast as they could go and he also like Percy, Rebekah's dog who is very friendly!I'm not sure why Christian isn't smiling... but it was a wonderful day for grilling..perfect spring weather and beautiful flowers and birds everywhere. We had a great visit with Ebeth's family. Tim's parents are coming to meet her in April since they couldn't come to the wedding due to Tim's grandmother passing away in March. Elisabeth's mother is also coming in April and we look forward to meeting her too. In the evening, Klaus and Johannes played the piano...they are incredible musicians and Klaus also sings in a choir. Johannes has published a CD and they are playing the whole wedding march for the wedding. Ebeth wanted me to play and sing 'Texas' songs on the guitar for her family, so I played the Streets of Laredo, Yellow Rose of Texas, and the Wabash Cannonball, plus Deep in the Heart of Texas. They thought our songs were really neat (and funny too I'm sure!) We look forward to seeing Klaus and Johannes again some day soon.



Anita said...

It was a beautiful wedding! I hope opening gifts was great fun this evening and, even more, I hope you are resting a lot these days!!

Love you!

Greg's Wife said...

How precious! They look so happy. I pray for a sweet, loving, Christ-honoring marriage and for lots of precious babies!

“There's nothing half so pleasant as coming home again.” ~ Margaret Sangster

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