Andrew and Elisabeth are married!

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Andrew and Elisabeth are married!

Thanks to my dear friend, Shannon Robison, now I have some pictures to share on my blog! Enjoy! Isn't she a great photographer? I think she captured the spirit and joy of this day perfectly! The wedding was absolutely beautiful! Tim and I took Elisabeth and Andrew to the airport at 4am Monday morning along with her brother, Johannnes, who is off to Vancouver. They were so excited...and so cute with all their backpacks and bags. Johannes took a picture of them for me, but he will have to send it to us later. We had a little time before they needed to go to the gate, so we had coffee together and had a nice little visit. They are off to Cancun and tropical paradise! We will get to see them open presents when they get home on Sunday evening. I haven't had a minute to post anything on my blog, but now that the wedding is over I should be able to do so.

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