Klaus's Musical Quilt Finished!

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Klaus's Musical Quilt Finished!

Well, it took a lot of stitching--but I finished Klaus's quilt while in Germany. I really wanted to stitch each key down which would have looked awesome, but I just didn't have the time. Instead I quilted the instruments, the white keys, and the bass and treble cleffs. I really like the look of that gold border--and it matched Klaus's livingroom which was a plus. I didn't know what his livingroom looked like. He really liked it and plans to hang it there.

Klaus is the second singer from the left and sings tenor for at least two symphony choirs.

Klaus played a special morning concert just for us. It was exquisite. He played a long piece from Mozart.

Here he is playing a Christian choral piece from Bach to witness to the neighbors on New Year's eve. He plays the trumpet in a church orchestra and another music school's orchestra along with his brother Hans, who plays many instruments too, but usually plays the tuba.

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