Romantic Home's Friday Show & Tell: My Sunbonnet Sue Baby Quilt

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Romantic Home's Friday Show & Tell: My Sunbonnet Sue Baby Quilt

It's Show and Tell Friday at Romantic Home, so I decided to share the Sunbonnet Sue Quilt I made last October. If you would like to see some really beautiful projects and pretty things from people's homes, you will want to visit!

This quilt is made with 100% scraps which for those of you who know me, know makes the project especially satisfying. I pride myself on being a 'frugal' artist.

However, some things do cost money, and the embellishments on this quilt are not cheap. Total cost for lace, buttons, and applique was close to $30.00. However, that is a cheap price for a beautiful 'heirloom' baby quilt.  Elisabeth loved it and hung it over Lena's crib.  I so enjoyed doing this for my dear granddaughter.

By the way, I'll be posting that Work Table Re-Do this afternoon!  See you soon...



Olivia said...

Oh my this is really pretty. I love your blog,

Hootin Anni said...

So so sweet!!! Love the colors you chose also. And the little darling in the middle of your post...she's adorable.

I've been a domestic goddess this week ...making new SOUTHWEST CURTAIN TIE-BACKS Stop by for a visit and viewing if you can find time! Have a great weekend.

Trudy said...

Very pretty.

Breathing In Grace said...

You are multi-talented. The quilt is gorgeous!!! You do such good work.

antmee said...

Gorgeous quilt! And thanks for the link to visit.

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