A Day at Grandma and Grandpa's

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A Day at Grandma and Grandpa's

Donna with Colin and Brennan. It's the first time I've ever gotten to hold Brennon! He's just over a year old in this picture.

Daughter-in-law Amanda, holding Elisabeth and Andrew's first baby Lena. The girls got to know each other better over facebook. Neat!
Grandpa Tim takes Amanda and Matthew's first little boy, Colin, on a lawn mower ride. He will celebrate his third birthday at our house on May 18th!

Baby Lena, only a little over two months old, needed a nap. What a precious moment, just getting to sit and watch her and make sure nothing disturbed her sleep.

My dear sweet daughter-in-laws, Elisabeth and Amanda Rodgers. Amanda is holding Elisabeth's little girl, Lena.

Uncle Christian, our baby, who is now 14, is showing nephew Colin how to work his matchbox race track.

Like father and Grandma & Grandpa...like sons. Tim and I, and Rebekah and Christian, all play the piano, as does Matthew. So of course, my grandsons made a beeline for it as soon as they could. Aren't they cute?
Colin so makes me think of Jacob, who was convinced he could ride anything that had a key. Thank goodness, Colin didn't have a key. :o) He's ready to roll though!

Of course, no day at Grandma's is complete without meeting her chickens. Actually, these are Aunt Heather's chickens which I am babysitting indefinitely. Her house burned down at Christmas and she didn't have time to drive back and forth to the homestead to care for them. Brennan and Colin weren't a 100% sure they wanted to pet a chicken even if it was covered in fur!

Getting to know the grandbabies again!
Amanda with her 1yr old, Brennan. These guys aren't afraid of the camera are they?

Watch out Matthew! You may have a 'budding' country boy on your hands!

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