We're Going to Nationals!!

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We're Going to Nationals!!

Jacob and his partner, Zach Harris, made ninth place out of 55 teams at the NCFCA Regional Invitational speech and debate tournament. Rebekah is so glad---because that means we will all be going to the national tournament in South Carolina on June 15th! Great job kids!!
Thank you Mrs. Stevens for being such a great coach! Great job Logos Club! PS. Christian won an award for being such a faithful timer--good job Christian!

L is for LOGOS! Happy debaters at a late night party at Laurie and Debbie's hotel room. Brave moms for inviting the whole club to their room at 1:30am! See picture below.

2:00am in the hotel room with many Logos club members at the Regional Invitational tournament in Arlington, Tx. this last week celebrating a great tournament. Bring on the PIZZA!
Rebekah had a very popular speech about a young cockroach girl named Josefina, who is receiving suitors for her hand in marriage. She did not break to semi-finals with her humorous speech at the Regional tournament although she had won to semi-finals in two previous tournaments. Jacob broke to semi-finals with his persuasive speech, but he will not get to compete at the national tournament with it. He made third place in the finals round at last month's tournament.
Am I a proud mother? Of course I am! And a little teary eyed in this picture. Great job kids!

Jacob and Zach discuss their case on Free Trade with Mr. Remke who gives an economic seminar to the club shortly afterwards. Jacob will be flying to New York with several debate friends to attend a week long seminar on Economics from May 25-29th. You can imagine how excited he is about that!
Rebekah talks to Laura and Emily before the seminar. Laura is also going to New York.
Christian gives the second affirmative constructive speech, while his partner, Julia Rosenberger flows his speech in the background.

Christian asks cross examination questions of Evan Stevens.


Christi L. said...

Donna. I am so proud of you all! What a phenomenal opportunity. This can open doors for him for the rest of his life. Really!

Donna said...

Hi Christi,

Didn't know you anyone was still checking out my blog--ha! How are you?


Christi L. said...

I have it in my blog line up on my page, so I can see when you update it.

Did anyone else make nationals?

Donna said...

Yes, Of course! Cody Stevens and Nicholas Bruno made 3rd place. Laura Strack, whom you probably don't know but who is a good friend of ours and part of our club made 2nd place with her partner. Of church members, we have Cody and Jacob and that's it.

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