Summer Sewing Class

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Summer Sewing Class

Meagan Brenon and Sarah Parlin-- Brand new seamstresses!
Introducing Sarah Parlin and Meagan Brenon, my newest sewing students. They both wanted to learn to sew and picked out summer jumpers. In these pictures, we were halfway done with their dresses. We are working at the Parlin's house because we did a little swimming before class. Most of the time, they drive out to my house.

Sarah is sewing ruffled tiers for the bottom of her jumper--quite a challenge for a new seamstress!

Meagan sews beautifully straight seams on her jumper...long seams need lots of pins!!

Sarah sews the tiers to the bottom edge of the jumper.Meagan sews the straps to the back of her dress.

Mrs. Rodgers supervises the sewing at her house--"Watch those seam lines girls!"
Sarah likes sewing, I think!

Shannon, Sarah's mom, is a great teacher's helper--but is taking a break--for just a minute of course!
Meagan likes sewing too!

Ta Da!! Here the girls are in their beautiful jumpers! Great job girls! Keep sewing!

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