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Completed Banners

Ministry banner for Tres Dias I was given a friend's husband's clothes and a small line drawing of Jesus praying for a man. I made a soft sculpture rather than a flat applique. Click to see the detail on the boots and belt.
Banner Logos Speech and Debate. I made this banner for my children's speech and debate club. The sword is hand appliqued from satin. Cody Stevens drew the sword (picture was about 5" long). The kids told me what they wanted and I did a computer mock up of their ideas. The fake suede was excellent for this project.

My sister wanted me to do this banner for carrying in a parade and displaying outside her booth at the Renaissance faires. She had already had a simple blue parachute banner with the lettering. She asked me to 'jazz it up' so you could see it from a distance.

After some questioning, I discovered she loved red and since she would use it at fairs I thought I would aim for a 'castle' look. I added tabs, red top and bottom borders and gold fringe, braid and rope. I was determined to enhance the lettering. At the bottom, you can see it was pale gold on blue. You certainly could not see it at a distance. I used shiny red fabric paint for that.

Also, she asked me to put her logo on it. The design was the size of a business card logo. I enlarged and used fabric paint to I was almost finished with the lettering in this picture. It is a bit wrinkled due to being made of parachute cloth. We ironed it out afterwards.

These are mini banners to give the clubs who visited our teenagers' square dance club.

The first practice piece for 12 Names of God banners I machine appliqued and sewed for our church. My friend, Shannon Mucha, drew the pictures I requested and then I blew them up large and appliqued them with gold lame on Satin. I will be uploading the complete set of finished banners in the next week or two.

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