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Busy Days

This week will be a busy one for me and the kids. While Christian is busy doing school and band practice and when he doesn't need me, I will hopefully get all the laundry put away that we have washed over the last week.  It's been 'collecting' to say the least!
Then I'll have a little more fun (if it's sewing related--it's fun!) because I'll be cutting yards and yards of fabric and separating it into 'packets' for my church friends and daughters to sew into nativity costumes.
I've already made seven butcher paper copies of the child's size of patterns and will also have to do that for the adult size.Tim headed off to Houston to meet a client and I forgot to
buy more butcher paper, so I won't get to do that till he gets home. Then I'll be dividing them up into 'packets'
for Kristy to pass out at church. She wants to have a live nativity in December in her neighborhood, but needed my 'expertise' to plan out the making of 18 costumes or more.
We've already spent quite a bit of time planning and shopping, and I hope to finish up my part of the project today.        
In the meantime, Rebekah and Jacob are driving to Brenham to participate in "mock trial' practice.
Jacob was chosen to play the part of a Cajun witness. He's working on an accent at the moment. He's a ham and will enjoy being a less than cooperative witness.
He will be filling in for two parts today and tomorrow for members who can't be there. Rebekah graciously agreed to drive him up and back (4 hour round trip!).

Last Saturday, I spent several hours with friends learning how to make your own greeting cards.  Nov. isn't the best time, but I managed to squeeze out the extra time.  It was a lot of fun.

Tonight, we will all drive to Tomball for our monthly square dance held by our club the Grand Squares. Jacob is vice-president.
He and Rebekah just love it. Our whole family has graduated and can dance at any club we like. I wonder if I could squeeze in adding the ruffle to my purple square dance skirt?! That may be pushing the schedule a wee bit!
We also had another couple of exciting moments this week.
Christian started posting photographs of his favorite pictures at www.mipixx.blogspot.com 

and I wrote a new song and posted it to youtube.  It's at www.youtube.com/donnacrodgers.

You just never know what will be going on around here next!

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