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Freezer Paper--a Seamstress's Best friend

Besides using freezer paper to make pattern pieces when duplicating store-bought clothes, there are other uses. Like making extra copies of the same pattern when you have 8 seamstresses sewing and only one pattern.

I also love using it to make applique pieces.  I draw the picture I want on the freezer paper, cut out the pieces of the picture, lay them on the appropriate colors to make a picture and iron them on the cloth. The wax on the back makes the freezer paper stick to the cloth very lightly.
Then I either sew the pieces on to a background by zig-zagging the raw edges, or cut out each piece leaving a quarter inch border all around the freezer paper piece (like a tree or house).  Then I turn under the raw edges with the tip of my needle and stitch each piece down in the proper place to make the picture. (Needle-turn applique is what that technique is called.)
This picture was made by using stitch witchery to iron the pieces down, then using a special needle that goes through very thick cloth, I blanket stitched all around the edges.  This was the first real applique I ever did.

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Trudy Callan said...

Great idea.

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