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How to Make a Cottage-Inspired Apron

I spent the day working on this apron and had such a hard time of it, that I thought I might better give you some pictures for making this.  It is darling and after I finished it, I realized how easy it was. Have fun, but don't forget to put your skirt on the fold!! I couldn't read the fine print and ended up cutting out a daughter size apron.  Click on the link for a downloadable pattern and instructions.  I have numbered my pictures to go with their instructions.  I'm missing pix for the waistband because that part of the instructions didn't print out.  Hmm.  so I didn't end up taking pictures.  I'll upload some later since I will be making several of these.
To get started, pick some coordinating fabrics, download the pattern and instructions, cut them out and cut out the strips for ruffles, ties, and piping.  A rotary cutter makes this step a lot easier!

Step 2 Make the piping.    Sew it to the lower edge of skirt.        Step 3 Make the ruffle and hem it. 

1. Hem the two ties. 2. Make the points and sew in place.  3. fold a small pleat so the unhemmed edge is only 1 1/4" wide.  Stitch in place.  Continue with the instructions for making the waistband.

Now we make the pockets!  1. Make piping for pocket.  2. Hem sides and lower edge of pocket ruffle. 3. Gather upper edge of pocket ruffle.  4. Lay piping and pocket ruffle on upper edge of lower pocket and stitch.

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