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Like Me

A squirming babe lies in my arms,
with adoring eyes, so quick to charm.
Chubby cheeks, a precious pout,
capricious curls, legs short and stout.

She's a miracle in every way,
like a flower, blooming day by day.
A gift from God, yet just a loan,
since a baby's soul one cannot own.

Though I teach and train so carefully,
I find, instead, she's watching me!
How much like Jesus I must be,
if a Godly child I hope to be.

As our days wing by in rapid flight,
I pray for God's grace to be.
A living light, a beacon bright,
for a child who'll be much...
 ......Like me..

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“There's nothing half so pleasant as coming home again.” ~ Margaret Sangster

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