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You are Holy, You are Great! A Sunday Song

Photo by my son Christian
I had a different post planned today, but since I'm cleaning house fast and furious before dear hubby comes home (hurrah!!! He's finally coming home!! (with Jacob in tow too), I thought I'd post this song I wrote last year. I'm sharing it for Sunday Song at 5 Minutes Just for me. Natasha loves music and every Sunday she hosts a 'show and tell' of everyone's favorite music. My friends Deb and Bee should join her!

 A              E               D          A
By your blood, we've been set free,
                D                         A
By your word, the truth we see.
A                E                D    A
By your strength, we'll daily be a
          D       E      A
living sacrifice for thee.

A             D          E            A
For your pleasure we were made,
A            D                        E
for you kindgom we were saved,
A               D             E          A
For your presence, Lord, we pray,
            D                   E
as we worship you today..
             D         E        A
as we worship You today.

D             A     E           A
You are holy, You are great.
            D      E         A
Your worthy of our praise,
D             A            E          D
You are Lord and You are king,
     D                      E
To you alone we sing...
        D    E           A
To you alone we sing.

Vs. 2At your cross, we'll gladly kneel,
At your feet, your mercy feel.
At your word, we will obey,
At your throne, we'll boldly pray.

By your stripes, we are healed,
By your word, our sin revealed.
By your mercy and your grace,
We will one day see your face...
We will one day, see your face.

Repeat Chorus:

A            D          E         A                     D       E           A
May our lives be free of blame,  bringing honor to your name,
A             D     E         Bm                   G                        E
May we never be the same, cause we gathered in Your name...

Photo by Christian Rodgers 2009
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Trudy Callan said...

Very worshipful. A wonderful reminder of what Jesus has done for us.

Donna said...

Thank you Trudy...this was a surprise song from the Lord. I didn't know it was on the way until it was here. :o)

Breathing In Grace said...

Beautiful...you are so talented!!!

GlorV1 said...

Very nice! Hey, you are only supposed to be posting once a week little lady. Tee hee. I always enjoy reading what you have to say. Have a great rest of the week.

Unknown said...

Dear Gloria..don't worry..except for re-posting this song from a year ago because I forgot to include it when I was writing my group post last week..I haven't posted anything since last Wednesday! It's been so nice! I wrote seven or eight mini posts in only two hours and then pre-scheduled them.

The deer in the yard showed up several days ago! It's so nice to get everything pre-scheduled and then not to have to worry about posts all week. Instead I just visit and comment when I happen to be online..but no more pressure! PTL!

Natasha in Oz said...

You really are so clever! Not only do you write these beautiful songs with such profound messages you also record them and then load them to youtube! Incredible!

Thank you so much for sharing this song and I can't wait to hear the cello too. My daughter plays the cello-did you see her link? Her name is Maddy.

Hope your week has been lovely and best wishes until next time.

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