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Christmas is the time for giving...what are you giving this year?

Guess what I got my hubby for Christmas? That's right...a dream come true for him..a Cello! I also pre-paid his lessons, because once the bonus is gone...it's gone and we'll never find room in the budget to keep it up!  Monday morning,at 6:30pm..he is scheduled to meet his teacher--though he doesn't know it yet!

Of course, we need a lot of things, but part of being a good wife or a good husband is helping make their dreams come true.  Mine was producing my own music CD...for the kids it was flying gliders, buying a horse, Civil Air Patrol, Speech and Debate and a National Tournament.  We've all gotten to pursue our dreams...all of us except my dear hubby.

It's his turn and we can use the rest of the bonus to buy another car to replace our creaky old van later, with whats left over.  But I just know in my heart,  that now is the time for my computer programming faithful guy to do something he really loves...make beautiful classical music..on the instrument he's always loved and dreamed about.  Yo-Yo Man...watch out!!

Of course, along with lessons and music books, comes the need for a masculine tote bag.  Thank goodness, Shona needed one for her little guy! After racking my brain to meet the 'masculine' criteria, I came up with a fabulous idea!!  (At least I think so!)

Check out my other blog for a quick "How To" for making this great gift idea-- a formal and masculine musical Bach tote bag.  (What's more masculine than a classical composer bust?)

It is easy enough for anyone to do...but elegant enough to qualify for posting on my 'art blog'.  Check out..  Bach Tote Bag

I can't wait to make one that says " TIM" on it!
Merry Christmas!

PS. Send me a note (in the comment form) and let me know what favorite "surprise" gift you are giving this year...or what is the best one you have ever received?  I'd love to hear from you!

And if you know my hubby....SHhh!  It's a SURPRISE!!!
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Large Order of Fryes said...

WOW - I am sure he will be so excited!! Our big gift this year was to give the boys Chris Tomlin tickets to his Christmas tour. They loved it!

Trudy Callan said...

I'm making our toddler Matthew a sock doll, a painting for Marty and Emily an ankle length white night gown with ruffles. All will be on my blog after Christmas sometime.

I sent you an email. Did you get it? -- in regards to Wardrobe Refashion. Signups are almost over until another two months if you are interested.

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