Craft Sale Giveaway!

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Craft Sale Giveaway!

Ok Ladies (and gentlemen like my friend, Paul, who are undercover crafty-types), I would like to announce my first ever give-away contest!

 It's really just to get a little community started of people who would like to know when I post new tutorials or articles on how to make homemaking a little easier.  I'd like to hear from you very much!
As you know, from my last post, I didn't quite sell all of the things I here is what I'm offering as prizes to those who vote on the following topic ideas and who sign up to follow my blog...

Here's how it will work...I will use a random generator to pick the winners..
If you sign up to follow my homemaking blog...I will enter your name once (but you need to vote too!) and if you sign up and vote on my art blog DC's Creations, I will enter your name twice!

 And if you are at all interested in music and poetry about the home.. ..then you can sign up to follow my music/art blog and get your name put in a third time!! (You can check out my music and poetry blog at Songs and Poems of Home.  My favorite is  Let Your Children Dream.

I also use my son, Christian's, photography, to illustrate the songs or just family pix.  They really are pretty amazing photos...he has the family 'knack' I, art, poetry...etc--except that my photos are not artistic like his.  I consider all three blogs an opportunity to be a blessing to friends.

PRIZES!!  I will be giving away three prizes every week.  The first prizes will be the last tote bag..sniff!..the last two matching aprons (both the same size...about size 10), one set of the four different scrapbooking cards I made at Nicole Watson's workshop and a fabric covered journal cover.  The second prizes will be homemade scented candles and the third prizes will be pure homemade castile soaps.

My sister and I spent two days making soap. She is the expert and taught me how..though I haven't tried to do it all by myself yet!  The soaps are small but they are nice little things...scented with potpourri and shaped like shells. They are made of pure olive oil and of course lye. (No doubt, in January, I'll be able to post my soap making pix.)

I want you to vote on the following topics that I could cover over the next few months... Which one would be your favorite and why?  Is there something you'd like to see posted, that's not on the list? Let me know! I'd love to help you or direct you to a good source.

I'll announce the winners every Saturday evening...  I'm looking forward to meeting you!  I'm really happy about getting to share some of my homemade goodies with you. :o)

Which Topic is Your Favorite ??!!

Soap Making
Yo-Yo Flower Making
How to Roast Meat
Easy Family Devotions
Making Prom Dresses Modest
A Super Easy Baby Gift to Make
 Homeschooling in a Crisis
Housecleaning for Kids
Home Remedies that Really Work!
HomeSchool Record Keeping Made Simple
How to Cook Chicken Fried Steak
Rules for Washing Laundry
Weddings Made Cheaper

Costumes...Getting Dressed Up
Sand-candle making for kids

How to Knit Hats...without learning to Knit!
How to KEEP the House clean!

Super-tonic...fighting the flu!

Homemade Cleaners
Kid-Friendly Cleaners
How to Build a Chicken Coop
How to make Jelly
How to Sew Shorts
Teach Your Kids How to Cook
 A Day in Our Family's HomeSchool
How To  Make Jelly
How to Decorate Cakes
Healthy Recipes

How to Alter a Dress
Kids Helping Build a Building
Exercise for Those Who Don't
Easy Easter Crafts 
Easy Mother's Day Ideas

 Summer Sanity!
How to Arrange Your Furniture

Pre-School Made Easy
How to Cover a Couch Cushion

Super Easy Skirts
Homemade Games for Kids
Monthly Deep Cleaning...30 Minutes a Day
How to Hem Pants or a Dress 
Keeping Toddlers Happy 
Cheap Dates
Funny Ties for Father's Day
Fence Gardening
Pizza Made Easy
Raising a Moth from a Cocoon
Candy Wedding Favors
Quilting for Beginners
How to Crochet your Own Dishcloths
How to Raise Chickens
Easy Glass Painting
HomemadeValentines Day Goodies
Cooking for Kids
How to Bake Bread
How to Make Pickles
Five Easy things you can Make from Bread Dough


Trudy said...

Gosh, Donna, you sure have a lot of great topics. You better get busy because I don't know if I can wait too long to learn all of this great information. I want to know it all now. I picked several things off of the list that I would like for you to post. Soap making, de-cluttering, yo-yos, easy family devotions, making a prom dress modest (better do this one soon because it will be prom before you know it), easy baby gifts, home remedies that work, homeschooling in crisis, housecleaning for kids, how to keep a house clean (boy, do I need this one), homemade cleaners, a day in your homeschool, how to alter a dress (need this one soon, too), quilting for beginners, how to crochet dishclothes, glass painting.

Ruth Velarde said...

Ok, so tell me about the 2nd photo, what is that? It's darling. I have a bunch of those circles made. Supposed to be for a quilt but it never happened. You're so talented......and busy!

Donna said...

Hi Ruth, Those are called "Yo-Yos". They were a very popular way to use up scraps in yesteryear.

You now have a head start on decorating a lot of tote bags. Or you could stitch some together to make place mats.

Quilts are big projects..I know!

Donna said...

You are too sweet Trudy!

I love your kid projects!!...I don't think of those as much.

Laura Gerencser said...

I love your blog!! I would be interested in any of the clothing ones! They sound fabulous! I love what you do!
p.s. check out the giveaway on my blog!:)

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