Dad is home from the hospital!

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Dad is home from the hospital!

I am finally able to get on my father's computer, after I found his password, to post a little update. He couldn't remember it due to the influence of his pain medication. My last post was made from the hospital and I have been trying to get settled in with my dad, at his house, ever since. I just brought him home yesterday. He had a bad fall last night, but is fine now.

Today, I'm working towards getting my laptop connected through his wireless connection. Hopefully, I will be able to do some more posting in a day or two.  This last few days have been some of the hardest of my life, but blogging, if I can make it work, will be my sanity saver! Last night, I finally thought to bring out something to work on while we visited. I spent the evening crocheting a colonial baby cap out of yarn while my dad talked and talked with me. It really helped pass the time and helped me be more patient.   

He is eating normally which is a miracle! He isn't hurting from the cancer and isn't throwing up or having diarrhea.  He hasn't been able to eat real food in a month and now is enjoying every bite again.  I helped him get through tons of mail, threw out old food, watered plants, and ordered new meds and oxygen tanks. 


We mainly need to get a power of attorney done, I pray today, at the bank, so I can pay his bills. It's something he wanted me to do months ago, but never felt good enough to arrange.  Also, we printed a medical power of attorney, so we can take care of him.  I almost couldn't get him to sign in at the hospital. The meds are wreaking havoc on his ability to fact he is just crazy on the meds.

The stress on me has been intense but I'm getting better everyday.  I'm looking forward to going home over the weekend. Nancy works during the day but is off on weekends and will stay with him then. Tim and the kids are saving our New Year's Celebration for me until Friday night.

Rebekah and I will do our monthly grocery shopping then and get her stocked up. She said she is feeling like she can handle things, but I'm planning to buy quite a few frozen entrees to give her a few days off of cooking each week.  She will start classes in mid-January.

Tim moved his computer into the house so he can supervise school for Christian and Jacob next week. Apparently, we now own a 'new to us' truck!! It's a silver GMC and has a big cab.  We finally decided to do that since our country roads tear up every vehicle that drives over them.  It kills suspension, engine mounts, and tie rods.  We never intended for a truck to be the main family vehicle, but it's the only thing that can handle the beatings that a community maintained road hands out-Ha!

Please keep us in your prayers. My husband and kids are at home managing on their own and we don't know how long I will need to be here. We are making progress every day towards making this work for everyone and I believe my sisters will be able to take turns soon. We are still getting dad settled into the idea of us taking care of him instead of vice-versa.  The home health care people are gearing up for regular visits for baths, and physical therapy and medical evaluations.  It's quite a process to get going, but I hope to it will all be more manageable soon.



shannon m. said...

Praying for you and your family daily. Love you Donna!

adamstevensphotography said...

Donna- Glad to hear he's home. Sounds like an eventful holiday! You and yours will be in our prayers.

“There's nothing half so pleasant as coming home again.” ~ Margaret Sangster

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