Dad is in the hospital..

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Dad is in the hospital..

Right now, I'm typing from Denton ...several hours from home this morning, getting ready to go spend another day in hospital with my dad.  As you know, he has cancer and took a turn for worse only a few days ago.  He didn't sound right on the phone, so I started packing..quick.  His sweet fiance (of 20 years) had been worried all week that he was not handling the chemo very well any more and I had already planned to come stay the day after Christmas.Thank goodness, once I got here, we got him checked into the hospital, and he was mostly suffering from dehydration from too much vomiting and diarrhea along with confusion from too much pain medication. Things just sort of snowballed into what could have been a life threatening situation.

I don't know quite where we are going from here.  For now, Tim is caring for the kids, Rebekah and Ebeth are preparing for Christmas dinner, and I'm staying with my mom, about an hour from the hospital.

I will get to drive home to Houston this Christmas Eve and be there for the great Christmas gift 'reveal' and it looks like the weather will allow it..the snow didn't quite make it along the I45 corridor.  What a gift from God for me!  I will drive straight back to Denton after the dinner.  Then Nancy will go home to spend Christmas day evening and the next couple of days with her family. Perhaps we will get dad home to his house by then. The Lord knows for sure.

The halls of the oncology floor are ringing with Christmas carols being sung by the staff.  I opened the door so daddy could listen...and thank goodness, he couldn't see me crying.  It was so sweet...but sad too. It wasn't where we planned to be for the holidays...but we are celebrating because of the giving hearts of so many...

Merry Christmas and the Lord be with you however and where ever you may be celebrating today.


Christi L. said...

I'm sorry Donna. I hope he is doing better now.

windycindy said...

My dad is 91 and I thank God everyday we are still able to enjoy being around him. God bless you and your family.....Cindi

Donna said...

Thanks Christi and Cindi! We are home now and I'm doing my best to adjust to taking care of him. Overnight is the most difficult part and getting his meds adjusted so he isn't so 'crazy'. The morphine is a problem. Between Nancy and I, we are getting things in order. I'm pretty tired but I'm glad I can help him. I posted an update on the homemaking blog.

“There's nothing half so pleasant as coming home again.” ~ Margaret Sangster

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