How to Sew Matching Mother-Daughter Aprons from Thrift Store Skirts

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How to Sew Matching Mother-Daughter Aprons from Thrift Store Skirts

Ok...for all my sweet beginner sewers..I'll do my best to make this project a little easier. Here is how to make matching Mother/daughter aprons from thrift store skirts...

If you read my last post you probably had a heart attack.  I know what you were thinking...That wasn't easy! It was cheap though!!! (no extra supplies to buy) But you are right--it wasn't easy.

Skill Level:  Beginner

  • used skirt (Your Size or close) It's easiest if it already has a ruffle or lace on the bottom
  • 1 pkg of 1" wide bias tape of a coordinating color.  Pick the second most common color in the skirt.
  • about  1 yard of pre-ruffled fabric or lace that matches the skirt
  • a small piece of ribbon (about 6")


    Cut skirt open by cutting along the zipper line.  Cut the zipper out all together.

    Lay the skirt out flat on the table. Cut away about half of the back of the skirt on both sides. You want to be to the left of the front of the skirt and leave about 3" on each side.

    Hem both sides of the skirt with a narrow hem. (Fold the edge of side of the skirt over once. Press. Fold it again, Press, Stitch.)

    Lay the ruffle or lace out at the edge of the skirt. Cut it out to be the exact same length as the skirt, but leave about a 1/2" on either end to fold over and stitch.  Fold the edges of the lace on either end back and stitch so you don't have raw edges showing.

    Pin the ruffle or Lace on top of the bottom edge of the skirt.  Stitch the lace on (either by hand or by machine.
    Cut a piece of bias tape that is about 60" long plus the width of the upper edge of your skirt.
    Open out the bias tape and matching the center of the skirt and bias tape, lay one edge of tape right sides toge
    ther with the skirt on upper edge of skirt. Sew a 1/2" seam.   You should have a 30" piece of this long strip of bias tape hanging on either side of your skirt.  Those are your ties.

    Now fold the bias tape over the top edge of the skirt so that the top edge of the skirt fits in the crease of the bias tape.
    Pin it in place so that the bias tape is laying flat and closed in it's original position but the edge of the skirt is completely enclosed in the crease.
     Fold both raw edges of the bias tape on the left and right sides in about a 1/4 in. Press and pin in place

    Pin all the open edges of the bias tape closed if you are afraid they might slip while you are sewing.
    Start sewing from one end of the bias tape across the top edge of the skirt all the way to the other end of the tape.  You now have an apron!

    For a pocket:
     If you want to, cut out a 5" wide  x7"tall square of fabric left over from the scraps.
    Fold over 1" of the top of the square and press it. Stitch about 5/8" down from the folded edge all the way across.  ( You can also lay a piece of bias tape over the edge and stitch it down, like you did with the skirt, to match the waistband.) Cut it the width of the pocket. 

    Now fold over all the raw edges about 1/4" and press so that the pocket looks really nice from the front.

     Lay the pocket where ever you want it on your skirt, usually on the lower right side.Pin it in place and stitch about an 1/8 inch from the folded edge, all the way around except for the opening. Back stitch a little at the beginning and end of the stitching to reinforce the opening.Tie a ribbon bow and stitch it by hand on the front of the pocket at the top.That's it...the easiest way I know of to make an apron.  Enjoy!!

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