Jacob Wins Debate Tournament!

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Jacob Wins Debate Tournament!


I wish I had pictures from the tournament in Dallas to post, but Jacob is with Rebekah at the Reynolds' home getting ready for tomorrow's Mock Trial competition and he has the camera with all the pictures.

Ah well, for now you will have to settle for the trophies and a picture of us from last year.  I was home about five days and then had to leave to take Jacob to the DFW qualifier tournament.  He and Jasmine had a perfect record all the way up until finals. Of 58 teams, they were the only ones to have a perfect preliminary record of 6 wins and 0 losses!  They were the top rated team of the tournament! 

They didn't lose any rounds or judges in the outrounds...not even one until the semi-finals.  They will have to work on a few things in their case, but considering that Jasmine had a 104 fever the last day, I think they did fantastic!  I can't wait to post the sweet pictures of them with their trophies and of our whole club who all did really wonderful!

Even though they won 3rd place as a debate team out of 58 teams (which is great of course) it was a really special treat that Jacob won FIRST PLACE Speaker Award for Team Policy!! Since this was a Texas State Championship tournament, he automatically received a free invitation to the Texas Home School Coalition Banquet to whom former president George W. Bush has been invited.  They believe he will attend.  Jacob is thrilled.  He was given a standing ovation for his win and I was just about to burst!  Usually the 1st place speaker is one of the members of the winning team.  

Of course, he is already busily working at home to prepare for the next tournament.  He and his good friend, Cody Stevens, are working on a duo and he and Jasmine will be working very hard to make their case even better.  We finally got home on Tuesday night (my birthday), but that's for another post.  It's great to be home!

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