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W.I.P. Wednesday ....what I'm working on

I spent all of Saturday working on learning how to cover a couch cushion and managed to finish one. It turned out great! The rest will be much easier, I'm sure.  I also finished the hooded bath towel and will be sending it out tomorrow.  One of those posts will be up by tomorrow. 
  I've added new tabs to my 'pages' at the top and one is called "Sneak Peeks".  This is the page where I will add pictures of posts that are in progress.  Tomorrow, I'll be posting my grandmother's secret tip for making a store-bought apple pie taste homemade!

I thought you might enjoy seeing a few 'samples' of upcoming posts.  Now that I've combined my three blogs, you might want to do a little exploring today by clicking on the labels.  There's lots of new stuff to see!


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Anonymous said...

Hi & welcome to W.I.P. Wednesday! I've just added you to the Flickr group, and to the official Wipster List on my blog - stop by & pick up a logo! Best to you,

Unknown said...

Hi! Thank you! By the way, I don't have any idea what a trackback is. I'll be glad to add a link and logo though this evening. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

After the great baking success of the New York Cheesecake sweetened with Truvia...I decided I would make a Tapioca Pudding from scratch.

Well, for one thing my rigged double boiler didn't work very well, the mix didn't cook right, but it did cook and cook and cook!

I actually got out an electric beater to whip the egg whites and when they were added to the mix...it still wouldn't thicken...didn't want to risk the whipping creme...so I added a box of instant banana pudding to the mix and layered pudding, pineapple and peaches.
It is not bad tasting, just not what one would expect for Tapioca Pudding.
Next project - Flat Bread - intentionally.

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