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Ruffle Skirts, Yo-Yo Shirts, and T-Shirt Dresses for Easter

Spring is in the air..or on my mind at least.  I am from Houston you know..and we get spring a lot earlier than the rest of you. Actually, it was balmy only a couple of days ago and then got frigid cold again.

I made these for a really sweet friend who has a lot of children last year for Easter. I didn't want anyone to know that I made them, but it sort of 'came out' at our secret sister gift giving exchange this last December. Ah..well...I kept it hush for almost a year. :o) 
Since the cat is 'out of the bag' now, I couldn't resist sharing the pictures of these dresses. I spent less than a week on them.

The ruffler foot and hemming foot made short work of the sewing.  It helps to buy the fabric with a finished edge too.  This was all on clearance the summer before, so I stocked up!

I had such a fun time making these and thought you would enjoy seeing a 'family' of matching Easter dresses.  My daughter actually made the jumper dress and I altered it to fit on of the older daughters and added the Yo-Yos.

The blouses came from Wal-mart because I didn't have time to sew all the blouses. I just had a great time embellishing them with yo-yo's made out of grosgrain ribbon.  It's so fun doing sewing like this!

Next week, I hope to post a tutorial on how to use the ruffler foot. It's not a gathering foot but a really elaborate foot that took me a bit of time to learn how to use. Now I love to use it to make ruffles and T-shirt dresses!

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Trudy Callan said...

Those are darling. I just recently had been wondering about the ruffler foot. I'm looking forward to your tute.

Beautifully Veiled said...

So precious! And I was about to ask you about the ruffler foot. I have one, but somehow am doing something way wrong. Bring on the tutorial!

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