A Gift Wrapping Station

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A Gift Wrapping Station


I just had a really great idea..I think...   I've been battling with  those silly buckets for gift wrap tubes for years and they've been driving me crazy for just as long.  I recently made a gift wrap station out of a small upright dresser and I'm so pleased.   But that's not the great idea--bear with me--I've saved that for last...

Recently, my hubby and I got a new dresser from my father and that allowed us to pass on our dresser which allowed all the family members to bump theirs on to the next lowest person on the totem pole (by age). Poor Christian--our youngest-- was thrilled to finally pass on Rebekah's childhood dresser to me.   It really needs to be sanded and painted badly, but it fits perfectly in my sewing room.

Wow-- five drawers for me to use for whatever I want--is that not heaven?!  I just couldn't make up my mind what to do with the luxury of five whole empty drawers. I finally decided on a gift wrapping station.

Did I tell you my FOURTH grandchild was born on my birthday? (Happy Birthday to me...happy birthday to me...  ) Oh yes, and a fifth grandchild is due this summer. That adds up to a lot of birthdays...and packages.  I still have kids at home so we are talking about lots of gifts period.  If all five of my kids have five kids.  Hmmm... I think thhat means I'm going to be in the gift wrapping business for a very long time...so I think my gift station probably needs to be better than average.

I could put this in the bathroom but I think it will be more useful in our sewing/work room since we have a nice long table there to work on.

I've filled the drawers as follows...

1. bows, tape, ribbons, birthday party decorations, candles etc.--no more hunting at the last minute. 
2. Gift bags and tissue paper
3. Greeting cards and envelopes including Christmas cards on sale to use for next Christmas
4.  Tubes of gift wrapping paper neatly arranged
5. Small gifts for girl friends and female family members birthdays and other occasions.

Ah...gift wrapping - card sending heaven!

Now...everything was going just fine until I got to those doggone  tubes of gift wrapping paper.  They are the bane of my life for sure!  Then 'voila'!--I got my brainstorm idea. Usually you store tubes of paper in a tall something because they won't fit anywhere else...certainly not in a dresser drawer.

Well, I cut off the last 8" or so of every gift wrap tube so that they would fit.I rarely use that last eight inches anyway if it's a big gift. And how many times have you needed a small piece for a small gift?   Now the tubes are just pre-cut.  I think this is the best organizing idea I've had in years. :O) No more crumpled tubes and bent wrapping paper! 

I hope this helps you as much as it does me.  Even if you can't do a whole dresser, the gift wrapping tubes in a drawer ought to save you a lot of grief and money too if you stock up on Christmas paper.  I don't know about you but I hate dragging plastic drawers out from under the bed. Now the tubes are all conveniently arrayed in a drawer.


Trudy said...

You are so clever. This is one of the best ideas I think I've heard of in years. Now if I ever get an extra dresser and can find a place to put it, I am going to do this. You are amazing. Keep the ideas coming. People are going to be so impressed with my homemaking skills one of these days. Of course, I'll have to give you the credit.

Large Order of Fryes said...

What a great idea - I have one of those plastic upright storage containers and it drives me crazy!!

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