Hair Cutting Lessons - Home Ec 102!

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Hair Cutting Lessons - Home Ec 102!

Rebekah wanted to add hair cutting skills to her 'Home Ec' qualifications. Here I am teaching her using Jacob as my model. We saved Christian for Rebekah to experiment on. We figured if Christian's hair came out bad...we could just buzz it!
The first step is to cut an "outline" by cutting across the forehead in a straight line, across the back in a straight line and then in an earshape around the ear down to the back. Last, we cut a small straight line for the sideburns and then cut a curve line from the bangs to the sideburns.

On a Sunday morning, I use the "outline" method to give the boys a quick trim. But if you trim too many times, your child may end up looking like a "Beetle". Christian's hair was definitely at the Beetle stage!Rebekah trims the base line of Christian's hair before feathering/layering.

Here she is cutting the back of the hair about 1/2 to and inch in a straight line following the curve of the back of the head. If you cut straight lines from the left side of the head all the way around to the right, you can always see the line you just cut and can make sure your next vertical layer is the same length which makes a smoother cut.

My sister, who taught me how to do this, said to imagine an egg shape laying on it's side with the wide end being the back of the head. The hair near the crown should be the longest hair. It should taper in length down to about a 1/4" near the base of the head. I cut vertical rows across the back of the head first...about 1/2 inch down to 1/4". Then I do the sides starting at about 1/2 inch at the top down to 1/4" at the base. I save the top of the head for last. I start at the bangs (which are already the length you want due to 'outlining' and then cut horizontal lines from front to back matching the bang length.   Check back next week for a video!!
New haircuts for Jacob and Christian!

PS. I'm sure you all know why I was cutting their hair outside. It's not just because of the mess cut hair makes. Birds use it to build there nests! Talk about natural recycling!!


Amanda -_-* said...

Any tips on getting toddler boys to sit still for the haircut?

Donna said...

Hi Amanda, Well, if they were 'bribe-able' I fed them m&m's...but only at the end. I reminded them that this wouldn't 'hurt' (except when I nicked an ear occasionally--oops!)

But for a really busy toddler, I literally walked around grabbing and snipping when they weren't paying too much attention. They don't have that much hair and it didn't have to be perfect...just shorter-Ha! Because I got so good on the older kids, I knew what I needed to cut and where.

If that isn't expert hair cutting ability, I don't know what is!

Donna said...

PS. By the time they were two, everyone would sit still for the hair cut. It was the 1-2yr.old toddlers that I cut on the go. :o)

Keri said...

Have you taught the boys how as well? At home haircuts can save a lot of money. Teaching the boys how to trim their sister's hair should be in the line up as well as how to grocery shop, cook, do laundry, mop a floor and use a vacuum. Young ladies should learn how to check their oil, check tire pressure and know where the water shut off is as well as how to reset a breaker in the circuit box. These are life skills, not male or female specific.

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