How to Make a Bunny Birthday Cake

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How to Make a Bunny Birthday Cake

Happy Birthday...Lena, Brennan, and Nikolai!!

Can you believe that we have FIVE (count them!) family birthdays this week??  I'm actually missing my sweet Brennan's 2nd birthday today! Someday, my oldest son and his wife, Amanda, are just going to have to get stationed in Texas for a change.  I'm afraid I'm a bit behind on all the birthday stuff. Elisabeth, my daughter-in-law and I celebrate our birthdays on Feb.2nd along with my newest grandbaby Nicolai.

Then Lena's birthday comes on the 5th. One of my sisters' birthdays is on the 9th, and then (if I'm not totally lost here) Brennan's is on the 10th.  Is it no wonder that I'm behind?!! Who wouldn't be??
On my daughter, Rebekah's first birthday, I made her a bunny cake just like the one shown here. 

(Thank goodness..she was born in October. Did I mention that four of my five kids are born in October and two of those were on the same day!)

It's so nice to make because you don't have to buy a special shaped pan. All you have to do is bake two round cake pans of cake and cut the ears off the each side of one of the rounds in a simple arc. The middle part that is left over is used to make the bunny's bow tie!

My sweet grand-daughter Lena is celebrating her first birthday this week and we are going to have a little party for her.  I thought I'd share this easy cake decorating design with you that I have used so many times.  Doesn't she look like a little princess...and happy to see mommy home again--I bet! 
Click here for really great instructions.  Easter Bunny Cake

 I usually chill my cake to seal the crumbs.  I messed up and used white to seal the cake--it's better to use the same color as your base icing. 

Sealing the cake is just putting a bare scraping of icing on all the pieces to hold the crumbs in place.  Store bought icing doesn't harden as well as the Wilton butter cream icing recipe.  

Taking a much needed break from cake making.

I stirred in some Wilton red dye into the store bought icing to make pink.  I usually make my own buttercream icing, but I was babysitting Lena and just couldn't do it 'all'.  I had a lot of fun playing with Lena though!

After I iced the base with pink, I put some white icing in a ziplock baggie and cut one corner about 1/4" wide and used it to squeeze the big parts of the rabbits face.  I used cornstarch on my finger to pat down parts that stuck up or had sharp points and flattened them.

Then I cut a tiny piece of the corner of the sealed baggie off of the opposite corner so I could make thin lines for outlining and drawing whiskers.  I could have made a paper icing bag and used a tip, but I didn't want to spend all day at this.  I had much better things to do as you can see.

For some reason, I was unusually tired after making this cake. Considering all the extra help I had, I can't imagine what the problem was....

Hmmm...  Happy Homemaking!


Trudy said...

How easy is that? Thank goodness you had Lena there to help.

KatB said...

That bunny cake brought back memories - my grandma used to make one every single year for Easter. It's been several years since she passed away, but I think this year, I'll pick up that tradition again. Thanks for sharing! :)

Donna said...

Hi Kristen, I think this idea has been around for a long time. Once upon at time, I'm sure there were no 'shaped' pans. I could never afford one. How neat that this was a family memory for you! I never thought to make one for Easter. 19 years ago, I made one with pink stars all over it, but I didn't have time this time.


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