How to Make a Music Tote Bag

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How to Make a Music Tote Bag

Shona bought three of the 'girly' tote bags that I was selling at my craft booth last week. But obviously hot pink just wouldn't suit a boy...and Matthew, her oldest would not go for it...for sure!

She asked me if I could make a tote bag that was 'masculine' enough in style...for him to feel comfortable carrying his music books to class in. My son, Christian, has the same problem...books and sheet music everywhere!

She was thinking that musical notes on fabric and a leather strip on the top of a black tote (preferably) would work well. As it happened, the fabric store was all out of my favorite musical sheet music fabric with a white background and I'm so glad!! Necessity is the mother of invention and it's always true in my case.
Is there anything more masculine and musical than a 'bust' of Bach?! black?!

My daughter was shopping for me, since I'm busy sewing Christmas gifts, and called on the cell phone..."Hey Mom--They're all out!--Now what?" So I told her to get what was available--the black fabric with the names of famous composers on it. I knew they had either composer's names or musical notes on fabric. As it turned out, the only other choice was cream with musical instruments all over it. That would be fine for a girl, but I thought probably not so fine for a boy.

I love silhouettes..don't you?! There is something so classy about them..and it's the perfect art for a classical music tote bag.

Plenty respectful...and masculine as can be. (Matthew's daddy loves "busts" of famous people, but I told Shona that he can't have this one!) I'll make him one too, if he really likes it--Ha!

I hope it was OK to write Matt and personalize it.  (Christian loses everything--so names are a must.) . I thought I had heard Shona call him that.

I wrote his name in a as 'masculine' a style as I could think of and practiced several times with gold fabric paint on white paper first. The leather trim I added came out kind of bumpy. I hope we can call that "artistic". It was too soft and stretchy for the purpose. Anyway...I love this bag!!

It was so simple to make!

1. Print out a silhouette of Bach.
2. Iron stitch witchery on fabric of choice.
3.Peel off white paper and lay stitch witchery on back of the wrong side of the fabric. Iron for 15 seconds in each spot.
4. Let cool, then pin the silhouette shape on the right side of the musical fabric and white paper. Cut out silhouette.
5. Lay silhouette of Bach on center front of a black tote bag. Iron on for 15 seconds in each area.

6. Trace outline with gold metallic fabric paint. Let dry.
7. If you like, sew a 2 1/2" strip of fake black vinyl, right sides together, to the upper edge of tote bag.
8. Fold over vinyl and lay edge against right side of very top edge of tote.  Top stitch down using quilting foot.
9. Personalize with an artistic signature in gold paint.


Trudy Callan said...

You are so creative. That is such a great bag for a boy.

Tim is going to be so surprised about the cello. What a wonderful gift and dream come true.

Donna said...

Thanks Trudy...honestly..the Lord just pops these things in my brain and surprises even me!

I just cannot wait for Christmas!!

Shona Cole said...

wow, so much went into this. He is going to love it. I will let him read this post after Christmas :)

thanks so much


Shona Cole said...

Matthew went off to piano today with his bag full! I didn't even have to remind him to use it.

Donna said...

I'm so glad Shona. Tell him he inspired my most favorite craft project ever. I can't wait to make one for me!! (for my music and worship notebook)

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