Ruffles, Frogs, Hair and Prizes...Oh My!

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Ruffles, Frogs, Hair and Prizes...Oh My!

I am going to be a very busy bee today...

In fact, I was busy yesterday and today will be pretty wild too, but hopefully, I will get this all done so I can settle down to my patient mother's couch cushions, which I'm 'attempting' to cover. I have little experience here, but I've read a few books and the cloth is all ready to go.  We'll see...  But first I have to get some birthday packages out the door. The towels you see will be made into a hooded bath towel for my grandson's birthday gift.  That was the 10th! I'm a little behind to say the least.

Yesterday, I made half a video of cutting Christian's hair...   That means that the sides are cut and the top is still long. He said that was fine--he thought he looked great. Did I ever tell you that boys are easily pleased? I need to patch all four videos together because my camera only takes 30 second videos. I've never done that so it will be a new thing to learn how to do. I didn't finish because we had to head off to debate club. We are getting the kids ready for the next tournament.

Then I finished the post on my sewing blog DC's Creations for how to add a ruffle to a blouse to lengthen it.  I also made a video showing how to use a ruffler foot. If you like to sew, you will love that foot!  I used it to make this T-shirt dress and to fix my blouse which was just way too short.

Well, I tried my best to get the prizes sent and thought I had it all put together on Tuesday. But when I went to fill the kits, I discovered that the black tote bags I had purchased had neon colored straps..yuk!  The green paint didn't match the leaves for the antique yo-yo's tote bag, and the black buttons for the travel tote were actually dark blue. Is that not exactly how it goes?!!

And when I went to exchange all of this at three different locations, after the debate meeting, they were out of black tote bags, there was no olive green paint, and since I didn't have a receipt, they wanted to call $3.00 buttons (2 large) an even exchange with $1.10 buttons.  That's a loss of four beautiful big buttons!! I just couldn't do it.  Why I didn't just buy the $1.10 buttons right then, I don't know. I think I was a little discouraged. Sigh..  It was just one of those days.  Talk about sidetracked!

Ah well, I'm enthusiastic today, in spite of the fact that my daughter came home from college class with a new diet plan for us to do 'together'. Oh Joy!  I just love protein powder and cream of wheat!  So we are going shopping together and I'll share the 'joy' with you on a later post.  Older kids do tend to keep us accountable. She's the reason I wear mildly modern styles rather than my old t-shirts and blue jeans.  I guess I'll be using that doggone exercise machine that I brought home from my father's house after all.  (Sewing is so much more fun!)

Well, she had dinner ready when I got home with the boys and my unsent packages, so I can't complain. It's just one of those busy kind of days where you make a lot of progress, but don't quite finish anything. (Except my blouse of course! Yeah!)

I don't want anyone thinking everything is 'perfect' around here. It never is.  I get a LOT done more by multi-tasking and jumping ship as Don Aslet says than by working meticulously down an orderly 'to do' list.  Check out one of my favorite resource books, "The 48 Hour Day" (new for $2.90 plus shipping) and you will see how I get so many things done and still have a great time! It will change your perspective on time management...for sure!

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