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Birthday Poem...for Dad

Hi friends, I found this framed poem in the drawer of my Aunt's bedroom last week. I'd forgotten that I wrote this for my dad..  I thought you'd like to read it. :o)

 Dear Dad,

It was a very special day, 
the day that you were born.
Your mother was so very glad,
To see what God had formed.

He didn't make you perfect.
For then you'd never know,
The preciousness of Calvary,
And how He loves you so.

He made your heart to love Him,
Your soul to give Him praise,
Your mind to use, His will to do,
And all to give Him thanks.

I pray you'll always know how much 
Your love has meant to me.
And how you've been a blessing to
Both friends and family.

And once again I want to say
I'm very very glad,
to celebrate the birthday of my
very special Dad.

Love, Donna
June 4, 1991
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Trudy Callan said...

Very sweet.

Breathing In Grace said...

That is so precious. I'm so glad you found it!!! I seem to be overlooking the sunshine award, though.

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