Friday's Show and Tell at Comin' Home

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Friday's Show and Tell at Comin' Home


I saw Flor's beautiful boxes and pendants and fell in love with them immediately! I'm no an expert in the field of art, but I adore the 'iconic' folk art, old world feel of her painting.  She has a Etsy shop where she sells all her lovely work too.  These colors are just fantastic!

Melissa has become one of my favorite bloggers to follow because she makes the most gorgeous girly craft ideas I have ever seen! (They are to die for!!) And she shows you how to do them too.This is a refashion for her daughter Wednesday and I think the clothes and her daughter are just darling!  

This is so so wonderful and sweet! Shona has just written a book called The Artistic Mother (on my sidebar). I just recently had the privilege of seeing this and think it is exquisite. She does uniquely creative altered art. I love it because it is so 'fairy-like'. I'm always amazed when I see her work.(Of course, that is my son and daughter-in-law their at the bottom so I may be a 'wee' bit prejudice--Ha!)

Mary is an avid dog lover and a very talented and skilled seamstress! Isn't this jacket perfect?  I would never have known that she made it herself! Wow! She embroiders too--I'd sure like to see some of that. She has an embroidery business.
Well Angela's five children really went to town and aren't these the cutest! You should check out her blog and watch the children 'helping' her. She is the unsung artist behind all of these food concoctions that her children make. Yummy...edible art!
Amy takes fabulous photographs and this one is stunning! She is starting a new blog and I'm looking forward to visiting it too. Isn't this a precious photo?

Deb re-did this tray with decoupage and made a beautiful tea tray!I love this because the music is all hymns and I play a lot of hymns on the guitar. I love her blog and head over there whenever I need a breath of fresh air, some worshipful music and sound biblical wisdom... Thanks Deb!

Trudy is so creative and a great seamstress too! Her family made these and she even made one for me! Happy Valentine's Day!  But she will be the first one to tell you that she gets a lot of her inspiration from artist, Shona Cole.  She is starting an online 'artistic mothers' art group who will work on the art projects in Shona's book together. Be sure to check it out if you want to learn some altered art!

I just love this blog! Stephanie is such a doll to post lots of great ideas for re-using what you have and turning it into something useful. She has a great post on making seed pots with newspaper, but this picture of her daughter wearing a re-fashioned denim headband was way cuter, so I 'borrowed' it from her blog (with her permission, of course.) We have mutual permission to 'borrow' as needed. :o)

I think these are so ethereal and entrancing! They make me think of wooden dolls, but their painted faces are so lovely. When I see them, it makes me want to touch and hold one.  I love wood things and these are beautiful (and for sale at her Etsy shop too!)

Ruth Velarde is another talented seamstress who designed this checkbook register. Isn't this a great idea? On my sidebar you can see the inside and all the other color options. She is amazing! You can buy this at her ETSY shop.

Christy, Diana, Gloria, Kristen, Maria, Shannon, and all of the rest of you following friends...I was so tempted to 'borrow' some stuff from your blogs too, but I didn't have permission. I sure hope I get to show some of your things next week!  

Thanks so much to all of you who sent a contribution! I hope you will consider joining in next Friday's Show & Tell too!  It can be anything...fabric, paper, wood, clay, photo, poem, song or Ebook! I think we'd all love to see your things.  Please feel free to write a little explanation about your entry too. We'd love to hear the story behind your creations!   You really all did a great job! Until next week....


Breathing In Grace said...

You are so precious...I wish I had sent you a pic of the tray after the paper had dried and laid down!!! Thanks so much for featuring me...and your kind, sweet words. You've blessed my heart!!!

Shona Cole said...

what a great post Donna, I love seeing everyone's art work! bravo and thanks for including mine :)

Donna said...

You're welcome!It was a privilege to have your art in my 'show'. It really blessed me that so many talented ladies were willing to let me showcase their work. :o) Like I said..I LOVE Show and Tell!

Melissa Jagears said...

Hmmm, I don't know a Stephanie. Never been mistaken for a Stephanie before! :)

This is MJ from Makingdowiththenotsonew and I go by MJ online. Maybe you saw a commenter named Stephanie? Funny.

Donna said...

I'm so Sorry! You have to admit, it's hard to ferret out your name when you have so many guest posters--Ha! I promise never to call you Stephanie again. Oops! Thanks, MJ!

Amy said...

I love the idea of a 'show & tell'. How fun! Wonderful group of art featured here. Thanks so much for including me...I'm honored.

Your site is looking fantastic, you've really done a nice job. It's a real gift for you to share your expertise with us all. I'll let you know when my site is live.


Anonymous said...

You go ahead and use anything that you want...I don't mind :)

Thank you for sharing all these great ladies. Isn't is just wonderful how we can all encourage each other in crafts? We learn so much from each other ;)

Blessings dear friend,


Donna said...

Thanks Maria--I'll borrow whenever I need to, with a link of course! I'd like to share some of your alterations on dresses. Those teacup appliques are fabulous! (I'm afraid I'm going to run out of superlatives and it's all my followers' fault for making such pretty things. (I love teacups!)

By the way, Ladies, I'm Sooo excited!! I bought the pretty pendant from Flor! The one with the girl with the yellow dress and the flower in her hair. I'll wear it proudly to church the first Sunday after I get it! to find something with yellow in it! Ha! I love you all!

Flor Larios Art said...

Thank you so much Donna for posting about my pendants and for getting one.

Very nice post, loved the idea!

Melissa said...

I have said it before I know but you are the sweetest thing! Thanks for the ever-so-sweet compliments!

And making do with not so new has to be one of my newest favourite blogs!

Thanks for hosting this great feature Donna!

Donna said...

Thanks everyone--I'm so glad you like the idea of a Show & Tell. I do hope you will send me something for next week too! I'd like us to be able to post things we are working on too. It doesn't have to be finished. I love WIP but it's hard to post if you can't do backtracks--and blogger doesn't have that feature yet. So we can do the next best thing here. :o)

Donna said...

Oh, by the way, I figured out why I was calling MJ Stephanie..Stephanie has a blog called This Frugal Life. I just got them mixed up. I'll have it straight from now on.

Gracie "Neky White" said...

In my country doesn't exist the "show and tell" day .I've saw the thing in movies and series, sound like fun!

“There's nothing half so pleasant as coming home again.” ~ Margaret Sangster

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