Friday's Show and Tell at Comin' Home

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Friday's Show and Tell at Comin' Home

I made this charms inspired by "Alice in wonderland" with felt and cotton thread. I sewed every piece by hand O_O . My favorite is the Chesire cat (as a good cat lover =P)

This submission was emailed to me at from Gracie and she is from Mexico! I think her work is just so pretty.. Her blog is called El Rey Gato a 'stuff' blog.  Aren't these too darling?!! Oh my goodness...fall leaves, kitties, bunnies, and lace! She does a lot of cute sewing on her blog.

My 15 yr. old son, Christian, is very shy about his work, but he just posted a few pix on his photography blog MI PIXX. I thought you all might like his pictures as much as I do...well almost as much. :o)

These pretty hair bows are done by Mariesa at Ten Cow Chick
I thought they were so pretty and what a novel idea to do a tutorial for those who have a hard time tying a bow!  She shows several creative options including using little ribbon flowers on little snap clips. I want to make some for my cute!

Stephanie at My Frugal Lifestyle had the greatest ideas this week!! For those of you, my dear readers, who are intimidated by the idea of trying to make your own dough, buy pizza dough for $2.00 a pop at Papa Johns or Papa Murphy's to make your homemade pizzas! (Now, why did I never think of that??) I guess because I've made mine with a bosch for 20 years (6 pizzas worth at a time.)  She also has a great post about getting your toddlers to eat yogurt...just decorate it and serve it in icecream cone cups. Oooh..that's really sneaky!! I think she's right--what toddler wouldn't fall for that one?! Tee-hee!

Shona Cole of An Artful Life , an incredible artist and inspiring mother, did this tutorial on how to do backgrounds for altered art. It's the first step in her book The Artistic Mother. If you'd like to be part of a online group who is working through this book, Trudy Callan of Artistic Creations With Trudy is hosting one. I was just amazed at these beautiful pages..and she seemed to do it so effortlessly! Be sure to stop by both their blogs.

 Kylie at Antmee made this darling bag this week...and she HAND BEADED the flowers! Now that is really special! I haven't done any beading in a long time but it certainly makes this a  very stylish bag! (Gee..that would make a great giveaway--Just kidding!-Ha!)   If it was mine, I wouldn't part with it for anything...but it would make a great tutorial. :o) I love tote bags!

                                                  Maria's dress at Sewing with a Treadle

 Maria is a very good seamstress and I wanted to make sure everyone sees one of her beautiful dresses! She has several of her dresses and skirts posted on her blog.  The amazing thing is that she sews them with a treadle sewing machine! I'm floored!  Mine doesn't work yet, but I'd love to try it. How neat that you don't have to worry about the power going out. That drove me crazy during Hurricane Ike.  She makes lovely clothes, so be sure to stop by her blog for a visit. :o) It's a step back in time.

Melissa from Until Wednesday Calls has a gorgeous blog, takes awesome pictures, makes super cute crafts, and is doing some really helpful tutorials lately..especially this one! If buttonholes intimidate have to try her tutorial! Aren't her photos amazing?

Beverly at Frontier Farms is one of the best cooks that I know of when it comes to healthy eating and cooking. She is also a great photographer. The photo on my sidebar of Joshua hanging on a rope swinging was taken by her a long time ago at one of our church picnics.  She doesn't live far from me and I've actually taught sewing lessons to her daughters at my house. We sort of started 'homesteading' about the same time but 15 minutes apart. I have to say they are way ahead of us! They are serious about homesteading. We are more like 'hobby-farmers'.  Drop by some time. :o)

 Wow.......    If you want to see photography that will take your breath away...visit Shannon at Blu Bambu.....Art in the Everyday. She is both a phenomenal photographer and gifted graphic artist and does a lot of collaborative work with Shona.  I never seem to have the right words to convey my emotional reaction to her photography. It is ethereal one minute and intensely normal and nostalgic the next.  You will want to look at photo after photo if you visit her. She has been such an encouragement to me and I owe the better look of my blog to her and Shona. Thanks Shannon!

Have you ever wished you had a better way than a belt to hold up your toddlers' pants? Check out Making Do With the Not So New...she has one of the best blogs for getting frugal ideas or DIY tips. You will be amazed at the great info on her blog!

Wow!!! Amy at Do You See What I See? is at it again with stunning photographs! How does she do that?!

  This is a picture of sewing class at home taught by Beautifully Veiled.

I teach sewing too and this brought back some wonderful memories.  What better place to learn to sew than at home?

If you would like to be featured on my Friday Show and Tell at Comin' Home...just email me with a picture of something you've done or are doing and a brief description at www.the  I'd love to Ooh and Ahh over your newest creation!   Until next week!


Trudy said...

Great picks. And thanks so much for putting my hearts in the previous Friday's post.

Amy said...

soooo many goodies here! i love those tiny alice in wonderland felt dolls. and the images you posted from shannon knocked my socks off!! thanks again for posting me, again, i'm honored. *blush* oh, and my new blog is finally finished and up.
hugs donna!!

Gracie "Neky White" said...

what a beautiful and useful work has been done everybody!! XD

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
antmee said...

What a nice bunch of new blogs to visit. Just need a coffee, get comfy, then I'm set this Saturday morning!

Stephanie - My Frugal Lifestyle said...

Thanks for featuring me! Can't wait to visit the other blogs!

Donna said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
shannon m. said...

Such great stuff here, Donna! Thanks so much for sharing. I'm honored to be one of your features : ) Thank you. Can't wait to check out the other blogs!

Melissa said...

Shucks, thanks again Donna. The tute seems to be helping many and that makes me happy.
That beaded bag is exquisite!
Thanks for another great showcase!

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