Jacob and Jasmine win 3rd place at NCFCA's Colorado Nat. Open!

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Jacob and Jasmine win 3rd place at NCFCA's Colorado Nat. Open!

Jacob and Jasmine win 3rd place...missed finals by 1 ballot!  (Split 2-3) against Paul-Walkenhaur! This was an absolutely wonderful trip. We drove for 14 days!!!  .... from Texas...to New Mexico for the Chili Qualifier...to Leadville, Colorado where the kids went skiing at Ski Cooper...to the Colorado National Open.. and home again!  Finding out that they are now qualified for the NCFCA National competition in Virginia this summer was the best news of all. And Jacob and I had a wonderful time!

Jacob wins 8th place speaker award! 

Jacob and Jasmine also pre-qualified for the Nationals competition in Virginia this June! Hurray!

Jacob borrows Nathan's guitar to play a litte music too. Jasmine is enjoying the break since they broke straight to Octafinals and didn't have to debate Double Octs on Friday night.

Laura and Ben did not break but since they have already won to finals in previous tournaments this year, we still think they did an awesome job!

Laura made it to semi-finals in Persuasive speaking--Yeah Laura! (on right..sorry for the blurry pix!) The next picture of her is better.
 Pictured here are Nathan Exley, Grace Larimer, and Kristy Reid..friends from Region 4 who wrote great speeches! Marshal did too, but my picture came out pretty bad.

Ben made it to semi-finals in apologetics too!  Jacob Philip and Daniel Rosenberger, also from Logos, made it to semi-finals in Duo interp. Jacob Philip, from our Logos club got 12th place in Lincoln-Douglas Debate and even more exciting...2nd place LD speaker award!  It was a great day for Logos and for our region!  You can read all about it at the NCFCA website   Also click here for the  Speech Events!
The kids had a great time visiting with their friends from Texas, Arizona, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and New Mexico.   Pictured here areMarshall Yaklin, Nathan Exley (guitarist), Pete Ehrett in the background and Jasmine Noman and Laura Strack, (avid worship music lovers!).
 Laura visits with friends, including Sarah Dana and Paul Exley after a long day of debating.

Jacob and Jasmine wait for the debate to begin!
Jasmine doesn't look one bit worried. She's cool as a cucumber. Watch out for her cross X!

Jacob, the second neg. speaker, greets the judges before the semi-final round with Paul/Walkenhaur.
 Jasmine, the first neg. speaker, greets the judges next.

Region Four friends, including Laura, Chrissy, Patience, Ben, Nathan, Ty, Pete, Mr. Ehrett and many others, crowd in to the room to watch the fun and take a few notes. This will be a debate to remember! 
Peggy and I, were present of course.  Peggy even abandoned the 'tab room',  where she is usually working quietly away, to watch Jasmine. 
Laura is nearby and I for one was glad...she's my 'buddy'. :o)
Here's a Video of Jacob giving a "Negative Speech" against their case.

Here's a video of Jasmine giving the first 'negative speech'.


Melissa said...

Wow! Go team! Congrats to everyone! Safe trip home!

Chris Jeub said...

Congrats Jasmine and Jacob! It was fun judging your round. See you in Virginia! -Coach Jeub

antmee said...

Congratulations to Jacob and Jasmine! They look like they had a lot of fun.

olympicfencer2012 said...

Jacob and Jasmine, you guys are not only an amazing team, but also amazing people. I'm so glad you guys are qualified for Nats! You totally deserved it! See y'all at regionals! - Sam Dana

“There's nothing half so pleasant as coming home again.” ~ Margaret Sangster

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