Just a little 'Howdy' from Leadville, Colorado

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Just a little 'Howdy' from Leadville, Colorado

Dear Readers,
I just had to write a little note to say "Howdy" and thank all of you who have signed up to follow my blog recently. I was so surprised and blessed! :o) As you know, I have been on the road with my 17 yr. old son, Jacob, and some friends since March 17th and the opportunities to send a post or comment etc. have been very few and far between.

The internet just isn't that great at 11,500 ft!

And it is rather embarrassing to climb through to the back of the closet of a nice hostess trying to find the WPA number off of their router box. Karyn was quite willing, but it still didn't work.

I've had a few opportunities to get online, but not many. Occasionally, I would work offline and then save the posts to publish when I got 30 minutes here or there.

As most of you know, I love posting helpful homemaking articles, my latest sewing project,  how to's for a new sewing or craft project, home cooking.

And I love sharing some of the many talks I've given at workshops over the years on home organizing, cleaning and even home education.

I also love visiting your blogs and seeing your latest creations or what's going on with you!  I have to say I have missed you all so much! It's just not  real 'southern hospitality' to have visitors over and not get to say thanks and drop by for a visit myself!

  Jacob and I are having a wonderful time on this special road trip for him with the two debate tournaments and a ski trip sandwiched in the middle.....

but I look forward to getting home again and spending a nice evening making the acquaintance of all my new visitors too.
We will be headed home this Sunday. I'll be sure to do some return visiting early next week. Until then...I'll drop a note now and then here at Comin' Home.

I did want to say thanks so much for all the sweet comments--I really appreciate them!

And thanks so much for coming by!

 PS.  I learned a great photography tip that I wanted to share with you, just in case your are headed out on a trip any time soon.  I discovered that if I zoom in as close as the camera will allow and then take all those pictures of the beautiful panoramic scenes whizzing past the car, I get much more 'picturesque' scenes.

I took all of these photos while my friend Peggy drove through the mountains from New Mexico to Colorado. They just turned out so much better zoomed in!

Then you don't have to crop them later and the resolution is much better. Give it a try on your next trip and tell me how you like it.


Breathing In Grace said...

Gorgeous photos...what a wonderful trip!! So glad you've had such a good time...but I know you can't wait to get home!!

antmee said...

Wow! Such a beautiful country! So breath-taking!

Amy said...

gorgeous colorado! wow, do these pictures bring back memories...tommy and i miss colorado, esp. in the hot summers of texas! where did jacob ski? what a memorable trip, and sharp young man.

that's a great photo tip...i don't know that i've consciously ever employed it, but now that i think about it, my zoomed in road trip pics do always turn out better. :-) your pictures are beautiful, you must be delighted!

hugs and love to you donna,

“There's nothing half so pleasant as coming home again.” ~ Margaret Sangster

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