New Winners for my Followers Are Special GiveAway!

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New Winners for my Followers Are Special GiveAway!

Hi Ladies (I assume no gents are following my blog-Ha!),

It seems that most of my followers that won my giveaway are not available in spite of emails and announcements, so I have new winners!  Mickey gets first pick.. and I'm adding a prize, a gift that was never claimed..four beautiful handmade cards (by me) but designed by Nicole Watson. So along with three desk calendars, the four hand-made greeting cards are a gift option as well.

Now, why did I post this odd picture of my sloppy handwriting on five large pink post it notes? Especially since my handwriting is so awful (the only B I ever got in school!!), well it's because I want to make sure everyone knows this is a 'legit' drawing. I wrote every single name down from my follower list, including the anonymous followers, and then gave them a number. Then, I typed the numbers 1-56 in's random number generator.

Here are the results...

Micky (from my original drawing and the only follower who responded to my emails)

#31 Shona Cole (who I admit is a good friend--but it's not my fault..her number came up!!)
#48 KNB Quilts (whom I want to meet soon!)
and #56 Flor Larios (one of my newest followers, whose art I admire greatly!)

So, hopefully, I will get an email from each of these followers with their mailing addresses and will send them their cards or calendars.  I do need to have them pick and then email me with their choice. I'll assign the gifts by first come, first serve.

Thanks for being followers--it makes blogging so much more fun!


Shona Cole said...

Yeah! Donna, I am first. seeing as I have those lovely cards already (I blogged about us making them at Nic house) I will pick a calendar. My girls would most like the sticker one ;) we had a sticker calendar before and loved it.
thanks for including me even though we are buds!

Shona Cole said...

oh, I had a follower of mine not claim a giveaway prize, despite emailing her twice and leaving notes on her blog!!! So it happens! I guess folks sign up and then move on and don't look back.

meg said...

Nyah, nyah, Shona--Donna said I get first pick! (lol!) I would like your lovely notecards, please!
Again, I really didn't know about your contest; usually when a blog advertises a contest I run away. But this is a nice day-brightener, for sure! Thank you very much!

Donna said...

I talked to Flor via email and I am sending her the Mary Englebreit desk calendar. :o)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to all the winners!

Donna, this is so much fun thank you for sharing :)



Donna said...

Thanks's a lot of fun. And in case my dear frugal followers are thinking, "Wow, that's not frugal", I must admit, that I got those calendars for THREE giant dollars a piece! I bought eight! I always keep an eye out for clearance items that are for sale to put in my gift drawer. You never know when you are going to want to give a little something to a friend. (I let each of my teenagers pick one first.)

My desire to give and my funds have very little to do with each other. The Lord is always good to direct me...since I'd rather be sewing than shopping-Ha!

antmee said...

congratulations to all your winners!

“There's nothing half so pleasant as coming home again.” ~ Margaret Sangster

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