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On the Road Again...

Well, hopefully I will be able to post on a semi-regular basis..but for the next two weeks, my son Jacob, and I will be on the road! We are traveling through Amarillo...whoo-hoo!!
Then on to New Mexico, for the Chile Regional Qualifier (speech & debate tournament) for four days. From their we will head up to Leadville, Co. for two days of skiing (I'll watch thank you!) ...Jacob that is..  (Perhaps I can sneak in some crochet or quilting!)
Then we will drive over to Denver, Co. for four more days at the Colorado National Open tournament.  (We know you'll do us proud, Jacob!) And then it will be back down to Amarillo (Yee-Haw!) and finally, back home...  

It's been crazy getting ready...but we're off! I will send some posts where I can. I should be able to put up some things I've been working on. We'll have some book reviews, favorite websites, a couple of good sewing 'how to's that I've been saving, plus a couple of 'From the heart" issues. Plus...we'll drop a few post cards along the way!

See you..One thing is for sure,  I will get the Friday Show and Tell's posted...so send me some pictures!  That way I won't be too lonely until I get back!

See you soon!

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Anonymous said...

Dear friend,

Have a terrific and blessed time! May the Lord keep you safe while you and your son travel...and may He fill your days with joy :)



Trudy Callan said...

Have a great time and good luck.

Melissa said...

Bon voyage madame!

Gracie "Neky White" said...

buen viaje!! Have a good travel!!

Barbara said...

Donna, Have a safe and wonderful trip. I am adding your anme to my list of Texas bloggers and hope you will come and visit when you can.


antmee said...

Have a great time! And bring back some great stories and pics of your adventure.

“There's nothing half so pleasant as coming home again.” ~ Margaret Sangster
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