"Followers Are Special" Giveaway!! Signed copy of The Artistic Mother or The Ultimate Cheapskate

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"Followers Are Special" Giveaway!! Signed copy of The Artistic Mother or The Ultimate Cheapskate

It's been almost two months since I did a Followers Are Special giveaway...and I have a lot more followers now than then...thanks to all of you!  I also wanted to celebrate my 300th post! This seemed like a great way to do it. :o)
Bless your little 'Pea Pickin' hearts!! 

I have never met such a sweet bunch of ladies as you all. I just had to do something extra special for you...though it pains me to do it...cause I want to KEEP these two books. But you are worth it!

I'm going to give away two extra special books which are signed by the authors themselves to two very lucky winners.

The first is The Artistic Mother by Shona Cole. 

I have been her friend for over seven years and I know that you will enjoy learning to create some beautiful things with her help. It doesn't matter if you think your are creative or not...with her book, you can be!  I bought this copy, but I really want to help spread the word about her book, so I'm going to have to buy another copy for me. (Sniff...) I plan to work through the projects this summer and I'm sure I'll be posting pictures of my creations too. I can't wait to get started!!! I'm going to have an artsy crafty time..and you can too!     Editors Note: Shona just emailed me and said I get to keep my copy! She is going to donate a signed copy for the giveaway!!Yippee!!
                                  Artisc Creations With Trudy
If you would like to see some of the projects...already made!! you will want to visit Trudy Callan at Artistic Creations with Trudy .
She hosts an Artistic Mother's group who are working through the projects in Shona's book as we speak and you can see some of the beautiful things they are making..

The other book, for those of you who just feel you are not at all the artistic type, is

The Ultimate Cheapskate by Jeff Yeager. 

He is the neatest guy and the absolutely most frugal man on the planet of the earth. His book will have you in stitches...because he is just hilarious. But the principles he shares on saving money and being frugal, and really taking better care of our resources, are fantastic.

Some great ideas from his book are ....Why not just 'skip' the money step?  How about a Spending fast?? How much is 'enough'?  These are striking questions!! I was stunned and shocked to finally read a book about Frugal Living that emphasizes LIVING over SPENDING...or even getting rich which is often a topic in books on saving money.  He spent half a day with us after finishing a TV interview in downtown Houston.  He gave me two signed copies, one of which I will never part with. But the other one, I am willing to give to one very lucky follower, just to get a chance to tell you about his NEXT book..."The Ultimate Cheapskate Next Door" which our family will be featured in! How exciting!!

Just a little warning...some of his humor is definitely for married couples only...so..be forewarned! :o) We were so desperate for a better perspective on our finances, that I read through it all without worrying too much about the humor. But the principles he shared were absolutely rock solid. And I appreciated it.

So, all you have to do to enter is ...

1. Sign up to be a follower and leave me a comment telling me so, and which book you would like if you were to win. 

2. Or you can leave a comment telling me that you are already a follower.

Extra votes if you leave a comment saying you have added me to your blog roll! 

And TWO EXTRA VOTES if you sign up to follow me on facebook. This will help get the word out about my blog on Networked Blogs. I want to help more people, but can't unless they know I'm here. :o)

PLEASE LEAVE ONE COMMENT FOR EACH ENTRY...FOLLOWER, BLOG ROLL, FACEBOOK (counts twice). That will help me add more entries for your name. :o)

We will have two winners and they will get to pick based on whichever winner emails me first.

  If you don't leave a comment, I can't enter you as I've noticed that followers are sometimes hard to find when it comes time to give them their gifts, unless they have been visiting recently. 

I will hold the drawing on May 1st...just in time for Mother's Day.  So drop me a line and let me know if you would like to be entered!

And Thanks for being a follower! You are truly SPECIAL!


Beautifully Veiled said...

OH MY! I added you to my blog roll tonight! Honest!! Before I even saw this!! Too wonderful!!! And I am a follower by the way. And I would LOVE the crafty book because I think I have the other one!!!

Heather said...

I'm a follower! Great give away, I've been really wanting this book.

Heather said...

I also liked on your facebook page

Hills N Valleys said...

I'm a follower! You know I already have/love the first book but not the 2nd!

Sassy said...

I guess I would be considered a follower as I subscribed before getting to the actual directions to enter to win. I would love the second book. Thanks for the chance.

Sassy said...

I am now with you on Facebook

Sassy said...

And added you to my blogroll.

Anonymous said...

Hi Donna! You were first on my "to do" list this morning. I love waking up to your blog...keep it up. I'll happily take the frugal finance book.

Breathing In Grace said...

Oh, I'm not sure which book...I love crafty...but also how to be frugal and saving!! I'm a follower already!

Its So Very Cheri said...

I am a follower


Its So Very Cheri said...

I signed up on facebook

Its So Very Cheri said...

I pulled the info on your button and will add it to my "blog roll"

Julia said...

I am a follower, you are on my blog roll, and I signed up to follow you on fb. Looks like a great giveaway. Thanks for telling me about it.

Unknown said...

The Artistic Mother by Shona Cole. sounds like a great book, I have a hard time fitting my creativity in with a nwe baby, I think this book would be perfect for me!
I'm a follower
thank you

Natasha said...

What a fantastic giveaway. I would love the Artistic Mother book. I am a follower.

Natasha said...

:) I am also a follower on facebook. Now to cross my fingers and toes!

Maria Killam said...

Donna I'm a follower!! Yaay, you are awesome!

GlorV1 said...

Hi Donna. Just popped in to say hello and have a great week. That's a great giveaway you have going. Of course I am a fan of yours:) Take care.

Denise said...

Hi:) I hopped over from Artistic Creations with Trudy. Luv your blog. I am now a follower! I would be happy to win either book!Thanks for offering the giveaway:)

Katy said...

I am now a blog follower!!! :) I just found your blog and it looks just like something I would enjoy reading! :)

thecountryblossom AT hotmail DOT com

Katy said...

I am now a facebook follower as well...although for some reason it is not showing up on your sidebar widget? Here is my facebook name (although I am abbreviating my last name) Katy Mc. Ald.

Also...on my last comment...I forgot to comment on which book I would want if I win....Honestly...I would love either of them! They both sound great!

thecountryblossom AT hotmail DOT com

Katy said...

entry #2 for being a facebook follower! :)

thecountryblossom AT hotmail DOT com

Katy said...

I have added you to my blog roll as well!!! (Right sidebar!)


thecountryblossom AT hotmail DOT com


Oh my oh my. You have been on my blog roll for awhile! I added you to it the same day I started following you. You know what would be great? Is if the winner reads the book and then offers it up on their blog! I am beyond frugal and would love the book on frugality. I would add you an facebook if I can figure out how lol.

Geetha Srinivasan said...

I would love to read the artistic mother. Actually i landed on your blog after visiting Shona Cole and Trudy.
I love the budget ideas on the blog.
Thank you for the giveaway.
I like Scarlett's idea of giving away the book once we've enjoyed it.
And so I'll host a giveaway after i read the artistic mother.

Diana said...

I am a follower!!~ I've been eyeing The Artistic Mother cos its not yet available in the local bookstores.... ::))

Tiffani said...

I'm following your blog. I'd love to win a copy of the Artistic Mother!

Tiffani said...

Also signed up to follow on facebook (though I don't quite understand the "networked blogs" app...).

Craft Tea Lady said...

I found your site though a linkie sign up and I LOVE your ideas! Your blog is written 'homey' and comfortable.

Thank you for the chance at the drawing!

I would love to win the cheapskate book!

Gina @ Craft Tea Cottage

Craft Tea Lady said...

I added you to my bloglines, so I am a follower! :)

Gina @ Craft Tea Cottage

Donna said...

Hi everyone,

I'm so excited about this give away! I wish you all could win one of the books!

About Networked Blogs...it's connected with Facebook. I think all you have to do is push on the button on the widget and it will open a window to allow you to sign up on Facebook. It may be, that if you don't have a Facebook account that your picture wouldn't show as a thumbnail.

I'm not sure why some people are showing up, and some are not.

KatB said...

I'm a commenter and would LOVE to win The Artistic Mother. I looked it up on Amazon, and it looks really intriguing! Thanks for the giveaway! :)

PTK Designs said...

Love both books and adore your blog. Thanks for sharing your life with the world. I am signing up as a follower right now!


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