A Trip to the Beach with Video and Beautiful Way to Display Shells

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A Trip to the Beach with Video and Beautiful Way to Display Shells

Rebekah feeds the seagulls

I thought you might like to join us on our most recent visit to the beach...at Galveston, Tx.   We may live in the country, but we seem to have raised an awful lot of beach bums at our house! Our favorite family trip  is just to drive a couple of hours and head straight to Galveston! In fact, the kids and I are going there sometime in the next week or two.

Rebekah in COLD water!

We have missed it so much and now that the weather is nice  and warm..we are all getting 'the bug' as we call it. :o)  My very favorite thing to do is feed the gulls. Mostly we just feed them bread crumbs.  They can spot a flying breadcrumb about five miles off! It's an exhilarating experience!

Kids at Galveston 09

Our first stop, is to take the ferryboat over to the island. When we get there, we fly kites, collect shells and swim if it's warm enough.  We almost always get ice cream and hamburgers at The Spot.

icecream spot

Play to listen to the seagulls while they follow us on the ferry boat. We're watching for dolphins!

dolphins near boat

We ALWAYS come home with shells and we are careful to inspect them to  make sure we don't bring home stowaways (hermit crabs)! We once drove all the way back to Galveston to let one go--and we don't like making that trip twice as it is hard on the pocketbook!


WIP Wednesday projects 008

The challenge is what to do with the shells!  I've found lots of interesting ways to display them, but this is the best one I think I've ever thought of!  I'm crazy about shells!  The best time for beachcombing is in the fall when no one else wants to be out on the beach that much. We have a favorite place that we go.

WIP Wednesday projects 005

I got the grand idea to put some of the shells I've collected and a votive candle in this antique crystal vase that was once my grandmother's. It looks gorgeous when the candle is lit!  It sits in state in my master bathroom.

show and tell fridays

I just had to share this with you all and at My Romantic Home's Friday Show and Tell. Her readers post the most beautiful things on Fridays!


Natasha in Oz said...

I am crazy for the beach too and I love collecting shells. Your collections look gorgeous in that crystal holder-lovely idea.

Happy weekend!

Best wishes,

Hootin Anni said...

I live on the Texas Coast...and the beach is just 10 minutes away. I love collecting shells...around here during the winter months is best. And I too have a huge collection of shells ===all in apothecary jars. Your candle and crystal holder is just too super for words.

My Show n Tell is my antiques...scroll down below the museum entry I have today if you decide to pay me a visit.

Trudy said...

That's a pretty way to display your shells.

GlorV1 said...

What a great way to spend a day. I loved the sound of the sea gulls. I think you have a great life and a wonderful family. That's a great way to display your shells. I have some bowls that look like your Grandmom's. Have a great weekend and holiday.

Amy said...

Oh, I miss the beach!!! Have a great time when you next go.

You just reminded me to get my sea shells out for summer decorating...the candle you've put together is gorgeous! Hugs Miss Donna!!

Maria Killam said...

love that you even had a little video with the seagulls you are so fun Donna!

Anonymous said...

I showed my son the dolphin picture, he loved it! Looks like you had a great time and made wonderful memories. Personally, I love everything about the ocean but the smell.

Room for More said...

I miss the beach too! We have another beach house trip in the works, but need to pin down dates. We are all ITCHIN' to go!!! great post!!

“There's nothing half so pleasant as coming home again.” ~ Margaret Sangster

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