Weekend ReCap and Monday’s Challenge: Living Room, Menu for This Week, Declutter Fabric Stash

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Weekend ReCap and Monday’s Challenge: Living Room, Menu for This Week, Declutter Fabric Stash


I had a great weekend! Did you? First of all I was so thrilled to get to announce the winners of my Followers Are Special Give-Away and post all the prizes for next month’s contest…here.

Congratulations to Kristen, CountryMama, Scarlett of Frugal and Simple Living, and Deb of Jeremiah 29:11! Click here to read all about it.

cooking sewin, wardobe, blouse 008

Whirlwind of Activity!  The kids helped me do a major cleaning marathon so that they could have a couple of friends over for dinner before heading off to the Teen Scholarship Fund Raising Square Dance in Huntsville. They explored the woods, ate pizza (no I didn’t eat any!!!), had a classical ‘jam fest’, (one of the boys is a member of the Houston’s Young Symphony Orchestra), and after the dance, they came back and had ice cream and rode Tex. And while they were doing that, I cooked my FOUR King’s Ranch Chicken Enchilada casseroles to sell as a fundraiser for my son’s trip to Nationals!  What a job! But we made $80.00 so it was worth it. :o) I would rather have gone square dancing, but I just couldn’t fit it all in.

cooking sewin, wardobe, blouse 009

Frugal Tip: By the way, have you thought about the idea of cooking ahead for Mother’s day?? I sure plan to!! We will be gone for three days at Austin’s Regional Invitational Speech & Debate tournament..the whole family! We drive home on Mother’s day and I’m afraid the week’s expenses will preclude eating out. So while I’m still fresh and cheerful, I’m going to double a casserole this week, Lasagna perhaps, and then we can just pop it in the oven when we get home!  You may prefer something more elegant, in which case you might like to check out my post for an inexpensive, easy, elegant dinner…that even hubby could do—it’s a great tutorial..pictures all the way!!

cooking sewin, wardobe, blouse 017
cooking sewin, wardobe, blouse 016

\While the kids were gone to their dance, Tim, Christian, and I put together a HUGE wardrobe that was given to me while Jacob, my older son was doing a friend’s yard work! Thank you dear Lord for manna from heaven! My fun job this week or next will be to fill it with all my sewing stuff, freeing up another hutch for miscellaneous office stuff, like my father’s estate papers which I work with daily, gift stash, glassware waiting to be painted for gifts, cd collection etc.  Our sewing room looks fabulous thanks to getting this extra storage space! It’s so big I just could not physically get it all in one picture.

bobbin winder 002

We also helped a retired friend, Mrs. Beverly, unload her attic and disconnect all her TV’s and other electronic equipment for shipping as she is moving next weekend.  Tim and the boys love to do stuff for her. And look what she gave me!! She is a crafty queen and decorator on a shoestring ‘par excellence’. Thank you Beverly! Ahhh…the projects I can foresee in the future if my dear daughter, Rebekah, doesn’t get wind of this fabric before I can hide it from her!! Uh Oh…here she is and boy is she smiling!

LIvingroom cropped med

Ok, enough about me, it’s time to plan for THIS WEEK… are you ready for another Monday Morning challenge? I knew you were! :o) This week’s assignment is to deep clean the living room. We want it all nice and pretty so we can relax on Mother’s Day….right?
Comin' Home's Monday Morning Challenge!
Week 4 - Master Bedrooom and bathroom 
O Launder: Wash area rugs, curtains, (shower curtain if necessary), Bedspread, mattress pad, and dust ruffle (turn mattress)
O Floors: Vacuum, sweep, scrub and/ or wax floors
O Scrub toilet, shower door, tub (use Bathroom cleaner for water deposits and scum)
O Dust high and low, (ceiling fans, floorboards,) cobwebs, polish furniture and wood
O Clean windows, mirrors, switchplates, walls and doors, medicine cabinet, dresser tops (409/ Windex)

Menu for the Week
Monday~Chicken and Roasted Vegetable Rice (one dish)
Tuesday~Florentine Lasagna (cook ahead—make one for Mother’s Day!), Salad, and Toasted Garlic Bread
Wednesday ~Crockpot Meatloaf with Fresh Vegetables
Thursday~Herb Roasted Chicken and Veges (go easy on the chicken and add extra sides, bread, salad etc. or roast two and save one for Saturday’s Alfredo)
Friday~Kid’s Cook--Easy Taco Salad, sliced fresh watermelon
Saturday~Easy Chicken Alfredo, Steamed or Microwaved Asparagus (amazingly green, fresh, and easy!!) Just zap it!,
Sunday~Lasagna Casserole from Tuesday or Elegant Steak Dinner (see my tutorial)
fabric stash 006

DeClutter Challenge: Craft or Sewing Stash
I think this week would be a great time to declutter our sewing stash. I’m so glad my friend, Beverly, did!  Thanks Beverly! And pass it on to a friend, you’ll be glad you did. :o)

Print it out here. Preview here.


homemade top contest 001

Coming soon…
  • Readers’ Q and A: How to Have Family Devotions
  • Mother’s Day Gift Ideas
  • Cat’s Make Lovely Home ‘Decor’
  • Readers Q & A: Blogging Helps: Photos, Networked Blogs, Speed Bumps
  • Frugal Friday: Bartering…a Lost Art
  • Note: We’re off to a tournament later this week, so there won’t be any weekend posts.


Tiffani said...

I am aiming towards decluttering the fabric stash around here this year. It has helped me in my resolve not to add to it, that our local JoAnn's roof collapsed under all the snow we had this winter (but what a bummer, too), and they won't be opening again till this coming winter sometime. Lots of good suggestions in this post!

Donna said...

Hi Tiffani, I can so relate! We don't buy for our stash on purpose, but somehow, the stash grows--Mostly from projects we planned but didn't do. :o)

I'm sorry for you! Our JoAnn's shut down and now I have to drive 45min. to the nearest one. I have to rely on Hancock's which is more expensive but still has a good selection.

Thanks for the nice comment

Laura said...

Dear Donna,
I just took a day last week to clean up and reorganize my little sewing loft. It looked fabulous...for about 24 hours. Then my mom showed up with 5, count 'em, 5 boxes of sewing goodies (she's sell her home). I'm soooooo excited about all the "treats", but WHERE WILL I PUT IT ALL!!! Oh, well, if that is the biggest challenge of my day, I guess I don't have much to complain about!


GlorV1 said...

Dear Donna.
I want you to know that I think all your ideas are very verrrrry good but this week I decided to take it easy and not do much but exercise, cook, and maybe hang a load of clothes. I think that I will take it easy this whole month. I thank you for all your ideas and I love those casseroles. Have a great week.

Donna said...

That's OK Gloria...you have my official permission to take as many weeks off as you like! Especially this week! :o) Thanks for dropping by.

Donna said...

Laura, How exciting! It's a nice problem to have..new sewing goodies. :o)

Caroline said...

Am looking forward to "how to have family devotions". Square dance in Huntsville? Really? When I lived in South Carolina, I used to drive up to the mountains to the state park on Friday nights to go square dancing. And my hubby plays the banjo and guitar, so we love impromptu jam sessions. Sounds fabulous.

He he, and I'm looking forward to decluttering necessitated by our upcoming move.

“There's nothing half so pleasant as coming home again.” ~ Margaret Sangster

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