Break out the wading pool--the GrandKids are coming!!!

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Break out the wading pool--the GrandKids are coming!!!

The grandkids and my daughter-in-law Amanda, my oldest son's wife, will be visiting this week. Matthew, who is a Marine, is a Russian translator and is now learning a second language in Washington, DC.

Amanda will be driving down with the kids including my new grandson, Nicholai!  I can't wait to get to hug and squeeze on them all. 
We will have tons of fun I'm sure. We sure did the last time they were here. :o)

We'll be having a grand ole' time at our house this weekend!! How about you?

Happy Homemaking!


Anonymous said...

You sound like a true grandma! We're heading to my in-laws in a few months and just like you she's bouncing off the walls at the thought. Make sure to enjoy every moment...Grandparents are a very vital part of a kids' life. Before you know it they'll be all grown.

Trudy said...

So happy for you. You are a wonderful grandma. They are so blessed to have you. Enjoy every little hug.

Breathing In Grace said...

Precious GRAND-sons...there's nuttin' like 'em!!! Hope you have a wonderful week full of hugs and kisses!

nannykim said...

We did this this weekend and had lots of fun. We shot bubbles with squirt guns and had fun throwing water balloons---we had to do something in this 98 degree heat!

claudia b said...

Oh my goodness, little Nicholai is darling! What beautiful grandkids you have!

Maria Killam said...

Hey your header is different, I love it! And that photo with the watermelon is priceless! Enjoy!!

Lorraine said...

look at the size of that watermelon! the photos looks great arent they lovely grandkids..have a marvellous family time. We have been busy planning our Norwegian trip with our Norwegian friends before they have to go back home next week...we are all excited even though its a couple of months away

Caroline said...

Oh, have fun!

“There's nothing half so pleasant as coming home again.” ~ Margaret Sangster

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