Comin' Home will Go On! Today: Fast, Easy, Cheap Alternative to Fast Food Pizza

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Comin' Home will Go On! Today: Fast, Easy, Cheap Alternative to Fast Food Pizza

The consensus is in….Comin’ Home will go on!  What a week!  So much has happened and we’ve been so busy that it’s hard to figure out where the time has gone! I put together the weekly newsletter in under two hours! That’s was no problem. But due to the fact that I LOVE having lots of photos…it was still huge. That’s when I realized that two of you had collectively come up with the answer to my posting every day problem. I split the big post into seven little ones.  Writing it all at once forced me to keep each topic short, but splitting them in to seven little ones allowed me to PRE-SCHEDULE the POSTS!  


So I officially only post once a week…but you get to read them over the course of the entire week. The kids get MOM first thing every morning and don’t see me hanging around the computer all day…and everyone is happy! Thank you so much for all your comments and encouragement. I’m so sorry about the ‘shutting down the blog’ scare…but I was getting in over my head…and something had to give.    I am truly glad it wasn’t the blog! 
Frugal and EASY Homemade Pizza…using Frozen Bread Dough!
I know…I know! Here I’ve been fussing about eating healthy and now I’m going to give you a great but ‘unhealthy’ recipe.  But this is better than calling the local pizza store and it will save you tons of money too.  

Donna 057 
Movie night is here and everyone is craving pizza! Call Dominos? No way!.. Just pull out a loaf of store-bought frozen bread dough..and defrost in the microwave! It’s only $3.69 for FIVE loaves!…That’s about $0.75 cents a loaf for the dough.


Defrost the dough, roll it out..let it rest. Top with 8 oz. of tomato sauce (no spices needed according to our exchange student Filippo, from Italy.  Top with lots of fresh veges and mozzarella cheese and you have a VERY cheap alternative to very unhealthy fast-food pizza. And it’s quick and easy too!  

Do you know you can freeze the veges? I do it all the time! I freeze all the chopped bell pepper, mushrooms, and black olives. I just drop the frozen veges all over and bake. I can’t eat it…and I’s not wheat dough…but it works and is way better than the alternative!

Tomorrow: Tutorial on How to Make the 30 minute Circle Skirt...and a darling Square Dance dress made by Rebekah with pattern! 


GlorV1 said...

So glad you are staying Donna. Once a week is good. Don't try to answer all comments and visit blogs once a week as well, more if you have time. Right now I'm not posting, just visiting and will get off the computer in about 15 minutes to clean the house and then go in the studio. I will take my laptop in the studio though. Tee Hee. That is such a good idea about buying the bread and I am going to do that. I usually make my own pizza dough but you turned me on to the ready made dough. I too freeze my chopped bell pepper, onions and WHOLE TOMATOES from the garden. The whole tomatoes can be used for stews, chili sauce and things like that. Not for sandwiches, mostly sauces etc. Have a great day and I'll see you when I see you. Glad you are staying. Take care.

Room for More said...

more beach memories and our pizza making madness! All our kiddos sure could put away some food after being in the surf all day huh? : )

I think you have a great plan. I knew you would find a balance to it all! You have so much to offer and by sharing your gifts your Titus 2 woman wisdom, you are blessing us all!

Shayla said...

that looks SO YUM!!!!

Caroline said...

There are definitely periods in my life when I need to step back from the computer (and I don't keep up with blogging nearly as much as you do, nor do I have five teenagers!!) Sometimes after a break I can go back to it with a better persepective, for a while. Am glad you found a balance for this period of life.

I am looking forward to the skirt tute!

Donna said...

It was so fun Shannon! are so wise...thank you! Shayla..glad you like it..IT IS YUM..too bad I'm on a diet. :o(

Caroline..I'm posting the skirt tute TODAY on the sewing blog. I'm sure you will enjoy it. :o) You are such a good seamstress!

Melissa said...

Fantastic plan Donna!

“There's nothing half so pleasant as coming home again.” ~ Margaret Sangster

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