Why I Love Hotel Rooms: Cleanliness, Order, Beauty, Symmetry..and of course maids!

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Why I Love Hotel Rooms: Cleanliness, Order, Beauty, Symmetry..and of course maids!

Do you ever find yourself wishing you lived in a four star hotel room? I have always been fascinated with them! I'm writing right now from the comfort and luxury of a beautifully made bed in my PJ's at a hotel only 30 minutes from home! 

Tim is working at a stylish desk while listening to his favorite classical music on Pandora. (Online radio service.) So he's in heaven too!

We went to see Inception last night and didn't get back until very late, so we slept late, skipped breakfast and are now enjoying the peace and quiet of being 'away' from normal life just for a bit. Tim still has to work but we will take off at four to go play pool at Main Event. (One of our favorite date night activities.)

Being at this modest, but pretty hotel, with its bright, modern, green, white, and orange decor is so pleasant! It's so very like being a little girl at Grandma's house again. Staying at her house was almost the same as staying in a luxurious hotel. :o) I'm sure I fell in love with homemaking because of her and her amazing way of keeping house. 

She was the most stunning housekeeper and homemaker I ever knew. And what made it so special was that she loved everyone in her life and enjoyed having guests to pamper. It was why she did such a good job. She kept her home beautifully so she could use it to bless her family.

Her lovely home exuded order. It was beautifully and tastefully decorated. (Alright..I admit, she didn't have toddlers running around all week!) Her house was sparkling clean. I only vaguely remember her vacuuming but I know she vacuumed every day. The drapes, couches  and paintings along with little quilted covers for the coffee tables were all so so pretty. 

I remember that she made the most wonderful breakfasts and would always ask us if would we like eggs and bacon or oatmeal (and hers was the best I've ever tasted!).(I don't recommend made to order breakfasts every day of course. :o)   We always had juice in quaint little glasses and ate on the most beautifully arranged table I've ever seen. She had a whole dresser devoted to 'linens'. Setting the table was an art form with Grandma!  Everything in the kitchen was bright yellow orange and green (a lot like my hotel room but with more yellow!) It seemed that she brought the sunshine right into the kitchen.

We often went somewhere exciting for the day and  when we returned home, she cook a delicious dinner. It seemed that she always made our favorite dishes. And her desserts were just to die for!  I have so many pictures in my mind of her at the stove dressed in stylish clothes with a crisp clean apron tied around her waist. 

When it was bedtime, we would all watch the Lawrence Welk Show in her beautiful pale green and blue livingroom and then, when it was over, she would say (cheerfully), "Time for a bath and bed girls!" Her bathroom smelled like a powder puff and she had the most luscious bath mat--deep pale blue shag. Even her tiny laundry hamper was so pretty..white wicker with little brass stand and feet. It was NEVER overfilled.

She did laundry every day. I think she only did a couple of loads a day and she always folded the clothes on top of the deep freezer straight from the dryer. She didn't have a 'folding table' so she had made a quilted pad to lay on top of the dryer whenever she folded her clothes. It was the prettiest yellow and orange daisies with white trim.

When we had all been bathed and dried in her fluffy white towels she would let us put powder from her powder bowl with a big fluffy puff. Do you remember those? They had a ribbon strap that went across the back of your hand. I loved the smell of that powder!

Then, it was off to bed...a perfect little guest bedroom with clean fresh white sheets, comfy quilts, thermal cotton blankets, and fluffy pillows. She had our favorite books, The Bobbsey Twins, on the bottom shelf where we could get to them and read a little by a small bedside lamp before we went to bed.

All through the night, I would hear the clock chiming the hour and half hour (Westminister chimes) and know that all was well. And in the morning...we would wake yet again to the smell of bacon..and a cheery greeting.

I loved my grandmother for a million reasons, but that she gave me the vision for what a difference a wonderful woman can make when she gives her focus to making a beautiful home for those she loves, I love her most of all.

Our world would be such a different place, if more women aspired to be the 'queens' of their homes and their hubby's and families' hearts, as Grandma Wood did.  And I think hotels are wonderful, because in many ways, they recreate that feeling of home..and being cared for. Don't you?

Is there a homemaker from your life that you have always admired? I'd love to hear about her!


Needled Mom said...

I love the colors that they used in that hotel room.

My grandmother was much the same as yours and I strive each day to be more like her. BTW....I still have the powder for when the granddaughters come to visit. They love it and I have even caught a few of the little boys smelling especially nice after their baths. Hmmmmm!!!!

Jill said...

What a lovely post! Cute hotel room, so nice you and your husband get that time! ;-) My Mom is my inspiration for homemaking for so many reasons, so many comforts. All my friends were always at my house ( still stop by there today) I was one of the few kids whose parents were still together. I have fond memories growing up. Now my Mom's health is declining and I live far from her. I wish I could be near to take care of her.
Have a great weekend!

Donna said...

That is so sweet Needled Mom! I am afraid I will have to hunt to come up with another powder bowl like Grandma's, but I'd like to try it.

Jill, I so understand. My parents were divorced twice. I'm so glad that we have been married 23 years and I know we will never be divorced. When we lived in neighborhoods, we were always the place for the kids to hang out.

It's so easy to be a blessing especially if you understand the importance of a welcoming home.:o)

Anonymous said...

What a lovely tribute to your grandmother, Donna! She really did take pride in her modest little home and all of her things. She always took such good care her things and loved using her best linens and cooking special meals for her guests...especially her sweet granddaughters! She loved you very much! AJ

Peach Rainbow said...

It's so sweet to read about your nostalgic memories, Thanks for sharing a deep message!

Breathing In Grace said...

Beautiful, Ms. Donna....what sweet memories you've shared of your Grandmother. So glad you and hubby are enjoying your time away!
In His Love...Deb

Hills N Valleys said...

Such a lovely description! I have similiar memories of my grandma. I wish you were my neighbor...I love being a homemaker/homeschooler...but my housecleaning skills lack....

Hills N Valleys said...

Oh and what kind of hotel was that? I haven't seen one that looked so modern!

GlorV1 said...

What a nice hotel room. Looks very comfy. That tribute to your Grandmother was beautiful. My Grandmother always had a big pot of soup on the stove. She always had something for everyone. I miss her. Donna, I'm happy for you and that you and your hubby could get away for a little while. Have a great week and take care.

“There's nothing half so pleasant as coming home again.” ~ Margaret Sangster

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