A New Grandbaby is on the Way! (Almost. :o)

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A New Grandbaby is on the Way! (Almost. :o)

We have such exciting news! Elisabeth, my daughter-in-law, is at least..on the way.. to having our new grandson. She's been kind of in and out of labor the last two days. We are expecting things to pick back up any minute/hour/day? She has already made a lot of progress...and now is sort of 'hanging' on the precipice of having the baby. I don't want to go into all the details..but this baby will be coming fast. So I'm finishing up my paperwork for the week and getting the laundry caught up so as to be available for what ever she and Andrew need in the next few days.

I will be hanging out with them some after the baby is born, so you may not hear much from me in the next few days. But I am going to pre-schedule a few posts of things that I've been wanting to share but couldn't last week due to all the painting and traveling.

I'm going to start working on Beef Stroganoff for the kids sometime in the next day or two. Got to do something with all this energy!!

My new grandson's name will be August Shepherd Rodgers. ( Although they might change their minds...I guess it's not settled till the baby is born.)  Did I mention that my son's wife is German? I'm working on my German in the hopes to be able to read fairy tales from the book I bought in Germany to read to my German grandchildren. Maybe I should just sign up for a class at the local community college! :o)

Speaking of grandchildren, I've discovered a new way to 'keep in touch' thanks to my smart and wonderful Aunt Joan. She visits with her kids and grandchildren, that live in Washington state, via web-cam. Now why did I not think of that?  In a couple of days, I'm going to talk Amanda and Matthew (my marine son) and see if they have a web-cam and Skype. If not, I shall buy the web-cam for them. :o)

I will have so much fun talking to my sweet and darling little grandsons in Virginia and my son and daughter-in-law. Ahhh the joys of technology! They do sometimes help make life BETTER.  If you haven't tried SKYPE yet..you are missing out on a great FREE communication tool.

On another note, I did get Jacob to his test at the community college on time... (with 10 minutes to spare driving from Grand Prairie..very fast!) I still had paint all over me. How embarrassing!

He will be attending orientation next week and meeting counselors. Talk about a busy month!!

When I'm not helping Elisabeth with the baby, I'll be sewing mom's cushion covers and supervising my last homeschooled child's lessons. It's going to be a VERY busy year with one child graduating, two kids working, and full-time school with the third plus a brand new grandson close by.

Can't wait to cuddle little August..and I have the cutest cow to give my granddaughter Lena when I go over to see the new baby.

And I have a special ministry banner to sew before the month is out. (More about that later. :o)  So, take care and don't give up on me...I'll be back soon with lots of great posts..when the baby dust settles. :o)

Hope you are having as much fun as I am! Every day is such a sweet gift from the Lord...

Happy Homemaking!

  For thou art my hope, O Lord GOD: thou art my trust from my youth. By thee have I been holden up from the womb: thou art he that took me out of my mother's bowels: my praise shall be continually of thee.I am as a wonder unto many; but thou art my strong refuge.Let my mouth be filled with thy praise and with thy honour all the day.
Psalm 71:5-8


Anonymous said...

Do things ever slow down at your place? First you bust your butt for your Dad's place and then you turn around and it's time for crafts, language skills and a baby! Holy cow! Enjoy your family time and we'll catch up when everything gets settled with the new baby. Be safe!

Debby said...

A new baby. I hope things go well. ENjoy you new grandson.
Can you tell me where to get the web cam. Thanks.

Donna said...

I put a link in the photo credit for the one shown. I just did a search on Ebay. We bought a web cam and microphone/earpiece separately.

Needled Mom said...

Oh Donna....how exciting!!!! I can't wait to see pictures.

You will be keeping busy there.

We love Skyping with our two grandchildren who live a couple of hours away from us. It is such a fabulous invention to keep in touch.

GlorV1 said...

Donna congratulations to you and the kids for the new bundle of joy to be. I have heard of Skype but haven't used it yet. I will look into it. I gotta tell you something...If anyone ever asked me, "If you could be someone else, who would you be?" I definitely would answer, "Like her, Donna, I want to be her!" You do it all from motherhood to houseworker to partner to chef to EVERYTHING! Thanks Donna, you are definitely number one to me. Take care, try to rest a little and congrats. again.

Donna said...

Oh my goodness Gloria! Now I'm embarrassed..you are just too sweet to say that. I just have lots of energy and love to show my love in practical ways. If I could just send a card, it would be so much easier! Ha!

I admire you too. You seem so friendly and laid back and are such an encouragement to me when I get to crazy. :o)

Breathing In Grace said...

Ms. Donna, I'm worn out just reading this post...WHEW!! You are one busy lady. I want some of your energy!!! So happy about your new GRAND-son...keep us posted...and CONGRATS!!!

Ama x four said...

I don't know what I would do if I couldn't video chat with my little ones. My first macbook didn't have a built in camera so I got an external one to hook up to that computer...since Kelly and I both have Macs, we don't use skype...it's really easier to use ichat for us. I have a skype account but don't use it often. I tried to get it going with a friend of mine, but couldn't get it to work. Brian also has a Mac, so when I am gone, I get to chat with Easton. It is such a wonderful way to stay current and watch their development between visits.

nannykim said...

Hope things go well with the delivery! Yes, you sound very busy.

We live in SC and my oldest son lives in Washington state and we usually talk an hour each Sunday afternoon with him either using windows live or the gmail site with our webcams.

Amy said...

Oh, yea for Elisabeth and Andrew! Can't wait to see pics of their little man! Miss Donna, wish I could hug your neck...miss your sweet family!

Jill said...

How exciting! Can't wait to see your new grandbaby! Many blessings, will be keeping you all in my prayers.

“There's nothing half so pleasant as coming home again.” ~ Margaret Sangster

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