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Square Dance Pattern Smorgasbord! A Gift from a Sweet Reader

A sweet blogging friend, Linda of Beautifully Veiled, sent me an email a couple of weeks ago (I think) saying she saw something and picked it up for me thinking I would love it. Wow...did that ever make my day! I was so NOT expecting such a thing.

Can you guess what it was??!! A 'smorgasbord' of square dance clothes patterns and lots of other goodies tucked in too.

Some of these are vintage and I know my friend, Trudy, of Sewing with Trudy, is going to drool over these!

I may have to loan her the pattern for young girls' skirt. I just have this feeling she is going to want to try one of these. :o)   They would make great ballet or ice skating dresses too.

I haven't told Linda yet, but I plan to pick up a couple of girls' size square dance skirts as soon as we have another store at our club. Our 'store' is donated square dance clothes for a very low price so our newest dancers can get decked out without paying full price. Square dance clothes are NOT cheap!  One good turn does indeed deserve another.

She said she knew she wouldn't have time to sew them any square dance clothes because she is too busy sewing 'real' clothes. She has quite a farm to manage so I can understand that. If you like the country or the idea of country living..you should drop by sometime and tell her I sent you. :o)

Don't I understand that predicament!  I seem to be doing so much hemming and repairing and sewing of household coverings that the 'fun' sewing has been put on hold for the moment. That's why thrift store shopping is sometimes the best option...even over sewing. (Yipes!! Did I really say that?!!)

If you don't believe me you should visit my friend, Caroline of Church Sexy. She has a cute sewing blog where she shows off what she is wearing every day. She is a thrifty queen after my own heart. She tells you exactly where she got everything in her outfit for the day. It ranges from refashioned pieces to thrifted pieces to gifts to clothes she sewed herself. I am so blessed when she comes to visit and love seeing her newest outfit. :o)

Wow...all I can say is thank you so much Linda! You made my day! (Hopefully, when I get some of my 'need to' sewing done, I can make one of these. Though I can bet that my dear daughter will beat me to the punch on that one!  I hope some of you will stop by and check out her place. This post at Beautifully Veiled showed a visit to their farm. Click on her pictures to see them full size. They are beautiful!

Happy Homemaking!

She extends a helping hand to the poor and opens her arms to the needy. She has no fear of winter for her household, for everyone has warm clothes. She makes her own bedspreads. She dresses in fine linen and purple gowns. Proverbs 31:20-23
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Cindy said...

Wow that brought back memories.Living in Tx..growing up..we had square dancing in school. I loved it!!

The family holding the dog..that is what we have a Corigi..I will never have another kind of dog..love them!!

Have fun sewing.
Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

Needled Mom said...

What fun patterns!!!! I would make some just for the fun of it.

Caroline said...

Oh, Donna, that line drawing with all the flouncy skirts ... mmmmm, I tell hubby I'm glad we don't have a daughter because then I would really have too much I wanted to make - it would be too frustrating.

Thanks for the linky! You've really made my blog sound nicer than it is. :)

Miss Erin said...

Hi There!

Great post! I hope you don't mind I borrowed a picture from this post for my vintage square dance dress pattern roundup. (I linked, of course!)

Best, Erin

Andromeda Williams said...

Hello! I found your blog because I was searching for square dance patterns... lol. Would it be possible to purchase a used pattern from you? I live in St. Louis and have not found anyone to square dance with. I dance at home by myself. Now I want a dress. Suggestions please.

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