FlyLady Tips: How Do You 'Get it All Done'? Organizing my Kitchen Cabinets

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FlyLady Tips: How Do You 'Get it All Done'? Organizing my Kitchen Cabinets

Breakfast/Lunch/Snack Cabinet  (This one is for hubby. :o)

I'm not sure what it is with me this week, but I really have been cleaning, purging, and organizing like crazy!! I think it's just the fact that the workload of caring for my father's estate is finally dissipating. Or maybe it's that I've been plugging away at my 'I Don't Want to Do It' list and it's getting to be more of a habit. I make one of these lists periodically, when I feel it's time to fess up and face the music. :o)
 Most used cooking spices--next to Stove

Love this Door Rack!

Don't even start with the 'Wow, Donna--You're amazing!'. I think it's really more like obsessive compulsive sometimes. I am VERY good at doing what I am in the mood to do and not at all good at doing what I ought to do.  But I am getting things done.

Beverage Station

I've been talking to myself a LOT lately which helps. "Donna--you really should cook dinner. No..don't look at the comments on your post again. No, you can't have a drink of water. No...leave the TV remote alone.  You can watch TV when your chores are done!"  Hmm, somehow this all sounds vaguely familiar...

 Can you believe I waited three years to buy the pan rack? I need another one of these!

I have plenty to do of course. :o) But I have less tasks on the list that I would call 'ASAP' types.  When I get on a roll, I'm like a cat who spends all day grooming herself. Cats don't think about it--they just keep licking. So they look good all the time. :o) Tee-hee! I don't mean to say the house is all perfect. No way! I really feel like I'm just treading water what with the cleaning, teaching, sewing, etc.  But once I get started, the momentum takes over.

Cabinet for Dishes

Considering the energy I normally have, I think that maybe I'm just not using it ALL. I am a Type A after all and that excess energy has to go somewhere you know! Funny, sometimes I do too much and then I can guar-an-TEE you that I will crash the next day.

 Baking Station

For instance, I didn't do a SPECK of sewing today! (I think I may have over done it yesterday.) Instead, I puttered in the kitchen. This is a reaction to yesterday when I sewed until almost 12:00am. Not smart, but when I'm on a roll, I can't help it. I just have to keep going! Today I just couldn't sew. I feel like I've made so much progress that I decided to wait until my good friends, Christi and Rachel come by to help with the banner.  (I'm listening Gloria!)

I was standing in the kitchen and these two white dividing racks started bugging me. Why? They have sat there for weeks. And all of a sudden--I just couldn't stand it any more. So I pulled everything out of one of the cabinets and started juggling, and purging. One thing certainly does lead to another. The sewing is on hold, but the cabinets look great! Yippee!

                                                Cookbooks and Medicine...Hmmm--I think I need another rack here.

Don Aslett is right--sometimes you get more done if you jump ship rather than forcing yourself to do the next thing on the 'To Do' list. After all, if all you are going to do is procrastinate, it's better to do something rather than nothing at all. It certainly holds true for me anyway. 

How about you? Do you make yourself stick to 'the list' or do you multi-task on different projects? Do you put things off? (Like me--yipes!)


Trudy said...

Wow, Donna! You're so obsessive compulsive! Just kidding.

Breathing In Grace said...

Do hire out?!? ;) Looks great!

Rae said...

Oh boy...this is what I need to be doing. With all the painting we have been doing ,it's the perfect time, I'm just looking at all the "Stuff" around the house and I'm not in the mood. You need to lay hands on me, I need to talk to myself or something....hehehehe

Caroline said...

Oh, if something is on the "to do" list, almost a guarantee I will not want to do it. I don't like being told what to do , even by my list! soooo ... I'm doing better as I get older "Forcing" myself to do things, but with projects I feel like I have to be "in the mood" to get going, so will piddle around ... then like you when I am in the mood, I totally obsess about it.

Not so much with home organization, though:) You'll see that when we get around to having you over. Probably late oct or nov when hubby's travel calms down.

“There's nothing half so pleasant as coming home again.” ~ Margaret Sangster

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