Sewing Cushion Last! And a New Sewing Storage Solution...(And New--Prayer Request for August)

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Sewing Cushion Last! And a New Sewing Storage Solution...(And New--Prayer Request for August)

I'm finally getting these done!  I have had so much to do this last summer that I thought I'd never get to work on Mom's cushions, but I have managed to sew a few more covers. 

This week is the first time that I did one of the large covers with inset zipper and folded flaps on the ends.  It turned out to be pretty easy to do.

I also cleaned out my sewing desk and drawer organizer. I hadn't straightened out this stuff since last October! 

With so much sewing on the horizon, I figured I had better get organized and decluttered again.  Don't you just love this tower drawer organizer?  I bought this from Wal-mart a long time ago and don't remember what I paid for it. But it's worth every penny!

What is it with it nesting?...hurricane angst?...Fall friskies?? 

I don't know..maybe it's just that I've got most, though not all of the paperwork done for Dad and the house is showing again. Whatever it is, I've been straightening and decluttering everywhere.

You can see my projects hanging in the right hand corner. I'll be replacing a zipper in a pair of men's dress pants. I also have a couple of alterations to do and a 'sewing party' to organize for working on a ministry banner for a friend.


But for some reason, I just had to establish some order. I even worked out a laundry sorter in our very tiny laundry room!

But the first priority is these cushions. I'm getting quicker at these now that I've kind of figured out how to put these together. I had to do some hand-basting around the corners of my cushions near the zipper edge so it would stay together long enough to remove the cushion and sew everything in place by machine. But most of it is just pinning and stitching straight seams.

Hopefully, in the next few days I can show you how I installed this zipper and covered the big cushion. It's much more involved than the tutorial for the small cushion which you can see here.

I think that before the rush of the holidays (and certainly the hurricanes) is a great time to do some organizing and decluttering. Does the 'nesting' instinct ever hit you unexpectedly?

Happy Homemaking!


News Flash on Grandbaby..
Dear Friends, We got a call from our son who said August was still having problems breathing at times and would we please come get Lena. He was pretty shook up and of course we drove like the wind to get her. They are at Texas Children's as we speak but we haven't heard from them yet. I'll be calling soon and we are going to take Lena up to see them here in an hour or so. Please keep August in your prayers. I'll let you know what's going on as soon as I can.



Breathing In Grace said...

I've decided that there's nothing in this world you can't do!!! The cushions look great...and you can come organize my craft/sewing room...I wouldn't mind at all!!!

Laura said...

Good Morning, Donna!
Great job on the cushions! I with you on the organizing...seems like if you do a few projects...your little space can get clutter pretty easily. I was just planning to go through my "little nook" this you've really inspired me!
Have a blessed day,

Caroline said...

oh my goodness, I love organizing my sewing stuff. The only thing I don't love is how much time I can piddle away doing that, instead of sewing. Your cushions look lovely!

Lots of rain over here too .... :) Have a good day!

Trudy said...

Great job on the cushions.

I love all of your little organizer storages, like the one on the desk, for example. I have the tower, too. I use it for the kids' art stuff. One drawer for water colors, one for colored pencils, one for crayons, one for drawing and construction paper, one for acrylic paints and one for Play Doh.

We will be praying for August.

Denise said...

WILL definitely be praying for August and your family. It is very scary when babies are sick. Thankfully, we know GOD is in CONTROL and He loves us!! As far as the organizing thing---I always seem to get into "it" when the seasons are changing. Must be my Southern genes!(well, part Southern anyhow:) I just love your sewing room! I'm SO jealous!!! My "room" is the kitchen/dining area. I'm so glad you are sharing about the cushions, too. I'm hopeing to do a little of that in the near future!!
Happy Tuesday:)

Julia said...

My prayers are going up for August as I type this.
Your cushions look great. I've covered lots of cushions but I haven't done one with a zipper yet. I just got a call from a friend. Her sister-in-law has cancer, a very rare type. She is going to CA for an experimental treatment and will be there till nearly Christmas, except for a few days next week when she's coming home to celebrate her bday. She's my friend, too, but anyway her sil has asked me to cover a cushion for her sil's porch swing. She's wanting to fix up her porch for her bday. Of course, I said I would. I am in the midst of so many projects that I don't know how I'll manage to do one more, but maybe I'll just have to postpone anohter.
Again, my prayers are with your family!!!!!!

Needled Mom said...

I'll be keeping August in my prayers as well as your family as you await results.

Your organizing looks fabulous! I love to get things tidy in my sewing area before I start a new project. It is so nice when I know where to find things.

GlorV1 said...

Hi dear Donna. First and foremost I will say a prayer for little August. I am not surprised at the things you are doing, because you proved to me just what a wonderful homemaker, mother, grandmother, friend, daughter, etc. you are. You do everything and take the time to share it with us and that is a lot of work. Don't forget though what you posted a while back about the do ahead posts so that you wouldn't get behind. Just take it easy and take some time for yourself too. I think the sewing which is your cup of tea will relax you. As for my paintings, yes I paint one a day, sometimes 2 or 3. I am using oil pastels right now, which is working out pretty good. I like them. Have a great day Donna and thank you for your kind words. Take care. Sending healing thoughts to August. I like that name.

Rae said...

Little August and family are in our prayers.

Mosaic Magpie said...

August and the rest of you are in my prayers.

Debby said...

God bless Little
August. I will be praying for him. I do know that sometimes little ones have this problem for awhile but so good they are having him checked out. Please keep us informed. (((((HUGS))))

Room for More said...

praying for August!!

Donna said...

Thanks so much for all your prayers! You are a wonderful group of friends. :o)

BTW, to those who are envying my 'sewing' room, just know that it's only half a sewing room. The other wall and the window are the 'office'. :o) We all share the work table in the middle. Many days, it's covered in school books, or Tim decides to work in the house and sets up his computer and paperwork on the worktable.

We normally call this room the 'activity' room. Which makes sense, since I just put up the folding table so it could double as Lena's 'playroom' today. :o)

I don't know what we would do without this room! :o) I think other people use it for an extra sitting room...I guess?!

Maria Killam said...

Of course we will, the poor little darling!! Donna I just love how your sewing space looks! And sewing cushion covers? That is amazing! I am so impressed with your talents. xoxo Maria

Ria said...

Dear Donna, I know this was tough for you. I know cause I've done that (will post the story later). And I admire your spirit. They look excellent! A job well done!

Ria said...

Dear Donna, I know this was tough for you. I know cause I've done that (will post the story later). And I admire your spirit. They look excellent! A job well done!

“There's nothing half so pleasant as coming home again.” ~ Margaret Sangster

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