Thanks Jill for the One Lovely Blog Award! Now..I’m passing it on to…15 friends of Comin’ Home

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Thanks Jill for the One Lovely Blog Award! Now..I’m passing it on to…15 friends of Comin’ Home

one lovely blog award

A sweet new blogging friend, Jill of Blessings of a Stay At Home Mom gave me this award on Monday (on the same day that another good friend gave me an award) and I’ve waited until today to blog about it and say THANKS!  I wanted to take a moment to tell you all about her. She is a Stay at Home Mom (like myself) who posts the most darling photos of home life with her two little girls. 

I so enjoy reading about their adventures because I only had ONE little girl and the dolly phase passed so quickly! It’s so fun to read about their dressing up, doll playing, and also Jill’s homemaking adventures.  You can read all about her at this post where she tells ‘Ten things you may not know about me.”  Thanks so much Jill for giving me this award. I feel so honored!

The rules of the "one Lovely Blog Award" are as follows:
Accept your award and post it on your blog along with a link to the person who has sent it to you.  Pass the award to 15 other blogs that you have newly  discovered.  You must contact the person to let them know that you have chosen them to receive the award.
Now, this is an award I am more comfortable with—one that lets me brag on my friends! I love doing this. :o)  By the way, if I award you a blog award, I don’t expect you to put anything on your sidebar—I’m just saying, “I love you!” bloggy style.   These are not in any particular order..just as I came across their comments in some of my most recent posts. 

I want to pass this on to new friends and old who have blessed me a lot recently. (However, if I just gave you an award last week—I won’t be giving you this one, just because I want to spread the love out a little further—so to speak.) :o) 

A Lovely Thought

Meet Rayanne of One Lovely Thought  Rayanne is amazing…deep..still.. thoughtful…and turns our thoughts to the Lord. She is an artist, photographer, and happy homemaker. I love to visit her and enjoy the soothing atmosphere of her blog. It is truly lovely!  Everyone who gets to know her wants to come back again and again.  Thanks Rayanne, for encouraging me not to quit blogging when I almost gave up on it. You helped me to remember the deeper purpose for being here. The Lord’s love and graciousness show through every post you write and every comment.  You are an inspiration to us all and an example we can all follow.

Room for More

Shannon of Room for More  Shannon is a personal friend of mine who used to attend the same church that I do. We have known each other for a very long time (several years). She is such a brave and resourceful mom! She has a blog about her long journey to adopt a baby through whatever means possible. And she is also the queen of ebay re-selling. She and her family are trying to raise funds for adopting their baby. Having exhausted every other means, she is now adopting an embryo. This is just an amazing story! You have to drop by and read about it. Please be very kind…this is an unusual process and journey and I want her to be encouraged by any one who leaves a comment. You are so brave and inspiring, Shannon!


Cindy of Rick-Rack and Gingham is such a special blogging friend! She is super friendly and chatty—always keeping up with a whole community of friends and passing on the news to us. And she loves scrapbook type art and craft projects. I love seeing her latest project. Thanks Cindy for leaving such lovely comments all the time. I always feel ‘hugged’ by you. :o) BTW, some friends of hers are struggling through flooding right now and she’s asked us to pray. Drop by for the details and please do pray!


Debby, of The Cozy Blanket, is one of the most encouraging and friendly bloggers I’ve met in the last couple of months. She and Cindy are good friends I think and I’m always getting them mixed up. I wonder if they’ve noticed? Tee-hee!  She has the darlingest dog and even gave him a birthday party the other day. I love reading about her grandkids, her swaps (trying not to be jealous), and her art projects. You’ll be glad you made friends with Debby if you drop by!


Thea of The Romance of the British Isles and Life. She is brand new blogging friend who, like me, is fascinated by all things English. Now that is my secret obsession so I adore reading her posts. An unusual thing about her though is that she is Jewish and Finnish. So all her posts are in Hebrew. Thank goodness, she has a handy button for translating her page into English and she is also able to read my comments because she speaks English just fine.   Now, I would LOVE for you all to drop by and say Hello and maybe even sign up as a follower to welcome her to bloggy land. She is BRAND NEW. Do you remember what that was like? I’m one of her two followers. But for someone who is that new, she sure has an very fascinating blog! I wish my blog  had started out looking as nice as hers does! Let’s welcome Thea to Bloggy Land with a few new friends—How about it?

needled mom

Needled Mom  I really think Needled Mom has been leaving comments on my blog for a very long time now too. She leaves such sweet comments and really encouraged me when we were going through the sick grandbaby scare.  She is an amazing quilter and seamstress! If you like to see pretty things made with a sewing machine, you should stop by her blog.  I LOVE the beautiful things she makes!


Trudy of Sewing With Trudy  Dear Trudy has been my cheerleader since day one.  She taught me how to ‘get out there’ as blogger. I know of no one who is so consistently thoughtful and kind as Trudy. She has a great sewing blog and sews beautiful retro style clothes. I love her work and I love her girls’ blogs too. She is the ‘queen’ of bloggy land as far as I’m concerned. She’s the absolutely most unselfish blogger I have ever met.  If you visit her, she will be your cheerleader too! She’s also a great model. I ADORE seeing her photo shoots of the clothes she makes.


Julia’s Sweet and Special Occasion Clothing  Julia is another of my favorite seamstresses (EXTREMELY accomplished) and a fellow grandmother who loves her grandkids. She sews for everyone—just like I do. Sometimes I think that’s one of the funnest ways we grandma’s get to show our love to our grandbabies is by sewing. She sews beautiful clothes and I believe sells them. She’s pretty amazing. I never know when she’s going to drop by and leave a comment but she is a faithful visitor and I always appreciate it. I really am blessed by the comments she leaves around bloggy land. What a nice person!

nanny kim

Nannykim  I love Nannykim’s blog about being a grandma. She reminds me of MY grandma and that is really what her blog is all about.  She takes the most adorable photos of her grandkids. She also talks about the Lord, and shares private moments with…her CAT… of all things. I LOVE that. :o) I adore our cats too except when they lay on my sewing. Sigh.. I have to cover everything to keep them from doing that. I just love her chats about life…she is so calm and reflective. You will enjoy visiting her for sure! She’s my Grandma ‘role model’.

  Shona of An Artful Life is another personal friend, and one who has given me so much help in making my own blog ‘lovely’. She is an incredible artist and mother who has published the most gorgeous book ever—The Artistic Mother.


I own a copy and am just so sad that I haven’t had time to start working through the wonderful step-by-step ‘how to’s’ for making art projects. It is her art show that I have entered every year for the last four years (I think that’s how long it’s been?) My photos used to be UGGG-ly! I’m not joking. They were just plain awful and the blog looked kind of …well..weird. But she brought me out of the dark ages of blogging just to make sure my ‘wonderful’ content (as she put it) got read. Between her and Trudy, they managed to get me out into bloggy land. I’m so grateful to them both!


Mickey of The Works of Our Hands  She just recently dropped by because she has been away for the summer. I’m so glad she hadn’t forgotten me. I love to read about all the costumes she sews for plays and productions. She’s a very special friend and fellow seamstress.


Melissa of Until Wednesday Calls  Melissa and I have been blogging friends almost as long as Trudy and Shona. I admire not only the beauty of her blog, but her creativity and her talent. She really does have one of the very best sewing blogs I have ever seen but is also very crafty! My favorite part of her blog though is checking out her photos of her daughter Wednesday on …Wednesday of course!


Deb of Jeremiah 29:11  Deb shares a weekly bible study that you might enjoy and also does really cute crafts every now and then. She is very talented. And can you guess what her favorite animal is to paint and sew? That’s right—owls.


Teri of Simple Blessings  Teri is a regular visitor who has a very homey blog where she talks about her thoughts on life, home, and the seasons. I really enjoy reading her posts! I love her musings and thoughts about Christian living. They are so encouraging and she inspires me in my homemaking. Thanks Teri!

Well, I wish I could give EVERYONE who leaves a comment or follows me an award…but there just isn’t time. But I do appreciate ALL of you! You make blogging worthwhile!

I hope you enjoy this weekend tour around bloggy land. Thanks, so much, Jill, for giving me this award! You are a sweety and I really am honored to have received it.  Have a great weekend, dear readers. You are truly, ALL, lovely bloggers with lovely blogs.

Happy Homemaking!
Donna @ Comin' Home


Debby said...

Thank you my dear. You are just the sweetest person. I will checkout the other blogs that I haven't seen before. This blogging world is so wonderful. ((((HUGS))))

Rae said...

My sweet friend Donna,
Those are some of the most kindest words ever!
I know that I don't do awards, but I feel that your friendship is the best award ever!!!! I'm am so glad for blogger because I found a friend like you!Isn't this what it's all about!
Bless you sweetheart 100 times over!
P.S. I am going to blog about this!!

Julia said...

Goodness, what kind words you wrote about me and my blog. Thank you so much. I am trying very hard to get back to normal with my blogging and commenting on blogs. Going to AZ for a month threw me off! Also, things are really getting worse with my mother so I am emotionally and physically worn out most of the time.
I love your blog and read it all the time, even when I wasn't commenting, I was reading.

Room for More said...


Thank you so much for the award. It is true we have been on this adoption journey for quite some time. We have always followed God's leading on our path though I would have never imagined we would be adopting children this way. They are so small, but are children and need a chance to live outside of the freezer where they currently reside. Our 5 little ones are from a couple who had IVF, had some embryos frozen, and then later the couple divorced. These little ones have been in their freezer home for as long as BooBear is old!
We have had to learn so much recently as all of this fertility lingo and process is so completely foreign to us. We are with a wonderful Christian agency though who helps us with all the details.
We leave on Monday for Dallas to meet the doctor who will be doing the transfer this November. We continue to pray that our little ones survive the thawing process and that God's glory will shine through each and every detail!

Thanks again for thinking of me!


Thea Ester said...

Hello Donna!
I was deeply touched reading those words of Yours, dear Donna! I am completely without words..
I have just begin my blog and think I am so simply and unable and my English is not so good; that's why there is a Google Translate box into my blog :)

You are very kind to me, Donna!


Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Can't wait to check out all the blogs...Love yours

Jill said...

What a lovely post Donna! Thank you for the kind words that means a lot to me! Can't wait to check out the new blogs!
Have a great day!

nannykim said...

Yikes, As I get time I will have to visit some of these fellow bloggers!! My kids may be grown and out on their own, but this week they have needed a lot from me! It is funny how that sometimes goes.

I do not post awards, do tags etc, so feel free to choose another to pass the love on to! I do really appreciate it however!! Have a great week!

GlorV1 said...

Donna, don't forget to stop by my blog and enter my giveaway. I hope you have a great week. Take care.

Melissa said...

Thank you so much! I am sorry I don't get to visit you here as I often as I would like, but life is just picking me and taking me with it these days! This is so sweet of you and you said such nice things, now I am going to have to go and live up to them ;) I like your idea of using each person's header image. If I ever get around to doing an award post myself I'll have to use it, and of course you would be at the top of my list. :) Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Dear Donna ~ Thank you so much for the sweet comments that you have shared! My "little space" is award free...but I do appreciate your kindness and most of all your dear friendship. I look forward to visiting the other websites that you have chosen! Simple blessings! ♥ Teri

Breathing In Grace said...

Thank you so much, Ms. Donna...we've been in revival at our church this week and I've not been checking out my favorite blogs as much as usual!! You're so precious to include me!!

“There's nothing half so pleasant as coming home again.” ~ Margaret Sangster

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