Update On Baby August...Good News but He Still Needs Prayer

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Update On Baby August...Good News but He Still Needs Prayer

Baby August...doing much better!

I want to thank everyone for their prayers for Baby August. Andrew and Elisabeth really appreciated knowing that you all were praying.  I wanted to give you all an update. First, while we were at the hospital this morning, they decided that August no longer needs oxygen! PTL! That's very good news. He is gaining weight very rapidly and doing very well over all.  

Andrew and Elisabeth get sleep over at the Ronald McDonald house. They are so happy with Texas Children's! Elisabeth said they do everything they do, very well. She and Andrew feel like everyone at the hospital is doing a wonderful job and they do not have to worry about anything.  Andrew procured a wheel chair for Elisabeth because she is still recovering from some side effects of her recent labor. She and Andrew had had to do a lot of walking and it started to cause her some discomfort. I was  very glad to see her resting! We had lunch with them and it was great to see how relieved they were that things are going better than they had originally thought. But there is some illness involved here.

It turns out that after all the tests were over the doctors have discovered that August has a bacterial infection in the blood probably caused by meconium.  It could be a whole week before he is able to come home. He is on anitbiotics but needs to be clear of infection two whole days before the hospital will feel comfortable letting him go home.  So our prayer is that the antibiotics will work...and fast. 

So my sweet little Lena will be hanging out at 'Grandma and Grandpa's' a little longer than normal. But with regular visits up at the hospital..and lots of new toys here at the house, I think she will be just fine. 
We are going to try web-camming so she can talk to Momma and Papa when she gets up in the morning or whenever Mom and Dad want to see her.

Again, thanks so much for praying for my family! You are all so sweet!

Many blessings and all my love,


Ky said...

It's wonderful to hear that the docs know what the problem is and that there is a solution. I hope they are all home, safe and sound very soon. x

Hills N Valleys said...

He is precious! so is your grandaughter! It sounds like she is in good hands as is your new grandbaby. They are in my prayers.

Ama x four said...

So glad they have determined what was wrong. I know that he is in good hands all the way around. God is good! I have heard nothing but great things about Texas Children's...

Love and prayers.

Shona Cole said...

that is such good news. TX children's know what they are doing. August is so big and healthy looking it is hard to imagine he is suffering. Covering those sweet parents in prayer.

Laura said...

Dear Donna,
So thankful to hear the good news about your grandson. When my Samuel was a baby...he had to in the hospital for a heart condition...and we stayed at the local Ronald McDonald house...what a blessing that was! We will continue praying for you whole family...know that the Lord has His arms wrapped around all of your right now!

Breathing In Grace said...

Thank you so much for the update, dear Donna....still praying! Miss Lena is so adorable!!!

Julia said...

Still keeping your family in my prayers. Your grands are so very cute. I'm sure Lena is loving all the grandparent attention.

Room for More said...

D-man had a very similar experience when he was born. He was overdue and meconium was suspected. He was in the hospital for a little over a week. We will continue to pray. TCH is the BEST!

Needled Mom said...

Glad to read the update on August. I am sure everyone will be happy to have him home again.

Debby said...

I have tears . So glad they found out what was wrong. He is such a big baby. A
fter this infection goes away I am hoping and praying he will be just fine. Such a sweet little guy and his siter is adorable. ((((HUGS))))

“There's nothing half so pleasant as coming home again.” ~ Margaret Sangster

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