Decorating for Christmas

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Decorating for Christmas

Ahhhh…It’s that time of year…when the world falls in love…every song you hear…
seems to say...

Merry Christmas....

Wow—I just LOVE that song!  Click here to play. As one commenter on Youtube put it,

“Why is it that we never seem to get tired
of Christmas songs?”

I’m linking to Natasha’s Sunday Song linky party at 5 minutes just for me to share this wonderful nostalgic song.  Natasha is the ‘queen of Christmas’. If you want to jump start straight into the Christmas spirit, then visit her. She has a special blog just for celebrating Christmas all year long! I love it!! 

Father Christmasballet dancer

Can you believe that I used to listen to Christmas music all year long?  That was during the years when I battled depression.   I knew that the Lord had healed me when I could listen to nothing but the birds chirping or the children playing and feel perfectly happy.  But I still LOVE Christmas music. 

german decos
All of these decorations come from German Christmas markets, thanks to my daughter-in-law’s father, Klaus, sending us to Germany to visit family there.

Some of my favorite memories are of Christmases of years past.  Grandma Wood was the queen of Christmas and I miss her every year when I pull out the boxes of Christmas decorations. When she had the stroke that began the last year of her life, it was just after (or before) Christmas. 


I know that I packed up her home for Aunt Joan after Grandma got home from the hospital. She went to live with Uncle Jay and Joan..and never went home again.  I packed all her things away. Her Christmas decorations were still hanging on the walls and gracing every available surface, when I walked in the door that first day. I still feel a sense of anguish when I remember that day.

 Winter decor

Some of the things you see here..came from her, like the ceramic church and snow covered tree.  In fact, most of the decorations I pulled out of the boxes this weekend remind me of a precious family member who doesn’t live close by or is no longer with us.  The memories make the unpacking so special.  

Christmas boxes

I hope you enjoy pulling out your decorations as much as I do this week. This would be a great week to do that, don’t you think? Be sure to let the kids help and don’t get too worried if the results aren’t picture perfect.  The kids will always love helping if they aren’t ‘critiqued’ afterwards.

Christmas Tree

My boys set up and decorated the tree while hubby and I were gone today. The result was quite ‘unique’. ( I think that is the word I’m looking for….:o) They were so proud of their efforts and I was too!  Break out the eggnog and make some cookies or almond bark candy with the kids. Let’s make Sundays special times of remembering the reason for the season—the Lord himself.

German tablecloth
Tablecloth from Germany while visiting family in Gelsenkirchen two Christmas’s ago.

Monday, I’ve got a great new tool to tell you about to help you with your lights this year too.   But today, the first Sunday of Advent..let’s remember that this is the season to remember the gift of a the Son of God to a hurting and dying world. We will be lighting the “ first candle  which is traditionally the candle of Expectation or Hope (or in some traditions, Prophecy). This draws attention to the anticipation of the coming of an Anointed One, a Messiah, that weaves its way like a golden thread through Old Testament history. 

Nativity set

As God’s people were abused by power hungry kings, led astray by self-centered prophets, and lulled into apathy by half-hearted religious leaders, there arose a longing among some for God to raise up a new king who could show them how to be God’s people. They yearned for a return of God’s dynamic presence in their midst.” according to The Christian Advent.  If you have never made an advent wreath or celebrated advent, click here to read how to make one and how you can make this Christmas season the most meaningful one ever for you and your family.

Happy Homemaking…and Merry Christmas!

signatureTell me about your favorite Christmas decorations. In what special way are they meaningful to you?


♥.Trish.♥ Drumboys said...

Oh my your decorations are gorgeous and very special.
I only have a few special ones.
Beautiful post about Advent too.
I couldn't get the song link to work.
I love Chrsitmas music all year long too.
Blessing to you.

♥.Trish.♥ Drumboys said...

Ps I got it working now...lovely.

GlorV1 said...

I love how your decorations all hold meaning of sort. Mine too. Each year when I pull out our decorations of mini items and open the lid, the scent comes out from the previous year. Strange. I happen to have some of my son's things in a plastic container as well and every once in a big while, I open it and am just jolted to smell his cologne and the smell of his leather belt and other things. I don't do this often because it is painful but I know what you mean about missing your Grandma Wood. Thanks Donna for always having such great posts and being such a wonderful person. Take care and have a great week.

Kerrie said...

A lovely post Donna. I am getting the boxes from the attic today or tomorrow morn and will tell you of my favorites then. Blessings and hugs.

nannykim said...

We are doing an advent wreath this year....we had never gotten around to making one, but this year our church helped us. Because we may be in the process of moving in the middle of this month, I do not think I will be putting my tree up for a while , if at all! However, when my mother in law was in the nursing home with Alzheimer's she was given a little tree that has the led lights or something like it. I pulled it out and plugged it in and that is what we are using--it was a reminder too of her last days and just of all she was to us. My oldest son was here at Thanksgiving (as you saw on my blog) and he painted a few pictures for me to hang for the Christmas season. I may share them later this week on my spindle cottage blog. Have a blessed week!

Donna said...

I'm so looking forward to reading about all of your favorite decorations and special memories! It's so sweet to share these moments with friends. :o)

Natasha in Oz said...

I so agree with you about Christmas music. After our house was flooded a few weeks ago, I would often just go and sit at my computer and listen to the carols on my blog and it cheered me up straight away. We really do love Christmas a lot don't we!

I have been thinking about it and I wanted to let you know that next week will be the last Sunday Song party until January. Like everyone else at this time of year, I am going to be really busy over the next few weeks and I am going to have a little bloggy break over Christmas. So I really hope you will please join in next week for one last Sunday Song for the year!

Take care and thanks for your kind words. You are such a lovely person!

Best wishes,

“There's nothing half so pleasant as coming home again.” ~ Margaret Sangster

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