Before the Autumn Storm…

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Before the Autumn Storm…


Strong winds blow through tall  trees
bending heavy limbs in their hurry
Gentling as they pass
through the crisp, yet fading leaves

fall at our house 3

Golden rays shine bravely, boldly
by swiftly flying clouds..yet...
a sun dappled lawn remains

fall at our house 4 
Through the rustle...floats the music
of early morning calls
woodland birds singing...
a bright  medley of chatter.

  pond in fall

A fresh gust...
scooting like skiffs over
the breeze rippled surface
of a sleepy pond.

 fall at our house 2 
Golden..rusty..nutty brown
the bejeweled leaves scatter
over a fading lawn..
droplets from the Master Painter's brush.

fall at our house 5

Smoke from burning leaves..
drifts slowly
through my kitchen window,
making me smile...
breath deeply...

autumn tree

peaceful, satisfying, calm...
full of promise…
a fresh new Autumn day...

by Donna Rodgers
  Dec. 12, 2010


Here's is a video of the leaves falling and the gusty winds blowing
while I was sitting on the deck yesterday morning.
It was so glorious...I just had to write about it! 
You can even tell that as the clouds float by, the sunshine fades and then brightens.
I apologize for the odd way my camera goes in and out of focus.
~Donna :o)


Kerrie said...

Donna, that was so neat!!! I loved it, wish I had been there to see it! I love the wind. I have hearing aids and it reminded me of when I first got them and realized what I was missing. I sat on the front step and could actually distinguish between wind in the palm trees and maple trees! Thanks for sharing! How did you put that on YouTube?? Hugs!

Rae said...

I love poetry! Your poem was wonderful and the photos went along great with the poem...keep doing them!
O...and thank you for your always kind sweet words, love you too!!

Donna said...

Hi Kerrie, You have to start an account with youtube and then they allow you to upload your videos straight off of your computer. Once they have 'published' the will have an html code (under EMBED). Copy the code and past it straight into your post while you are writing it. When you go to preview mode, you will see the video tool with your video in it. It's pretty easy to do. This one took a while to upload. I try to keep them short.

Glad you both like the poem. I have written very few prose poems so it started out very wordy... but I've written poetry since I was when I feel something...very strongly...I just want to write about it.

Like photographers, I want to 'capture' the moment. I used to dream of being a 'famous'poet someday from the time I was 11 until age 19. Then I laid it aside for awhile. I felt I didn't have anything left to say. :o) Pretty wise huh?

Then I had babies and got busy. But I'm thinking I should start writing again. Prose doesn't come as naturally to me as rhyming poetry.

It was a lovely day for sure!

Debby said...

What beautiful words you have.

shannon m. said...

Lovely poem & photos, Donna! Wonderful job. I look forward to more :) Thanks for sharing your writing.

Trudy said...

That was beautiful poetry, Donna.

Breathing In Grace said...

Beautiful, Ms. Donna. You are such a multi-talented lady....truly a Proverbs 31 woman!!

“There's nothing half so pleasant as coming home again.” ~ Margaret Sangster

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